7 ways to Digital Marketing Certification will benefit our Career


In this age of technology, every aspect of everyday life and business has become computerized and has gone online. The present pandemic has further digitized the economy to keep up with the covid protocol of social distancing. The fields that have gone online to a large extent are education, trade, and financial transactions.

Hence there is exponential growth in the scope of digital marketing of late. To tackle such competition and make a secure career out is quite a tough task. One needs to be extremely careful and alert while grabbing opportunities that come their way.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a variant of marketing and advertising on a digital platform. The digital platforms where this marketing is practiced are search engines, websites, social media pages, and mobile apps. Using these online tools to push and market products of any kind is called digital marketing. The increased investments from the private and public sectors have increased job opportunities in this field. Foreign direct investments have also increased in this field as many foreign products are sold in India e-commerce market.

Consumers across the world have been dependent on online sources for researching the products that they require on a daily basis. With the pandemic, online trade has seen exponential growth of 80% in a matter of months. This underlines the importance of the digital marketing profession. Though digital marketing is creative and innovative as a profession that does not require a relevant degree in that field, a certification can help in getting better opportunities.

This certification works like some sort of training that gives the individual a better edge over the rest of the people seeking a career in digital marketing. There are different ways one can amplify his or her resume in this field and make better use of the benefits by acquiring a certification in this field. Some of them are:

1.Wider Career Opportunities:

Career building in any field needs a renewed approach in these testing times as there is a massive increase in the number of people seeking jobs. Since digital marketing is a profession that does not require a prerequisite degree, much unemployed youths seek this profession. Hence to make the cut in such a cut-throat competition a certification in digital marketing can go a long way in this field. Since many big companies and businesses establishments have gone the digital way and looking for individuals with sharper skills certification can come in handy to get placed in a reputed business firm.

2.Increase Your Market Value:

Since a lot of people are in this field the market value for the work done can be very less especially for a freelancer. To raise the market value to a substantial amount a certification course can be of great help. It instantly gives you better bargaining space with a formal certificate in hand. It is one of the main advantages of having a certification in digital marketing.

3.Good Salary Package: 

If the individual chooses to become a regular employee with a monthly salary for a company, then a certificate in this stream can be of immense help. The individual can demand a better salary. Many people in this fieldwork as interns for a lot of companies before becoming full-time employees or proper freelancers as digital marketing associates. if you are working with a digital marketing company Hence this certification can be of a great bargaining factor in terms of salary.

1.Flexibility: A certification course would not consume much of your time making it very convenient for the individual to pursue and make the best use of it. The individual is advised to pursue it during graduation or right after graduation for better opportunities. With this certification in digital marketing, it becomes very flexible for the job seeker to choose between different opportunities. This is a very important quality the employer looks for in his or her prospective employees.

2.Career Skill: Since digital marketing is largely a creative job a documented evidence of skill is absent. This makes the field extremely competitive. To break through this competition documentation of the skill can be of great use. To build a solid career in any field a degree or some sort of certificate of training or course done in that particular field is extremely important. It adds great value to his or her resume and sets the individual apart from the crowd.

3.Time Savvy and Cost-Effective: A certification course in this domain can be done very easily in the comfort of your home. Many websites and educational portals offer digital marketing courses at affordable prices. They can be done within one or two months conveniently online. Hence it is a great career option for graduates who are confused about their career paths.

4.Great Plan B: Graduates freshly out of college pursue different streams and sometimes few do not succeed and end up nowhere in their professional life. Since there is always a second chance in life one can pursue digital marketing as option B. Given the era of technology and e-commerce, this domain is only expected to grow and multiply with a wide range of opportunities for the youth of this country.

There are a lot of online platforms that offer digital marketing courses just like any other certification course. There are not very expensive which makes it a comfortable plan B. Though the job opportunities in this field pay less in the very beginning with a certification course one can improve his or her market value and salary packages.

How to make a successful Career in Digital Marketing?

A student freshly out of graduation or an unemployed person can opt for digital marketing as a viable option in terms of career alternatives. Since the unemployment rate is very high one needs to be extremely focused and attentive to make a strong and secure career in any field. Some of the ways in which one can go about pursuing a career in this domain are:

  1. Digital marketing has many subpaths in it like social media marketing, product description on e-commerce websites, travel-related content, and many other platforms. So identifying the correct niche can make a huge difference. The individual needs to be informed about the various aspects of the niche and also adequate knowledge in that field.
  2. A person should be creative and comfortable with editing and Photoshop techniques to make a career in the field of digital marketing especially on social media platforms.
  3. A good certification is a boon in terms of getting better opportunities in the digital marketing field. It sets the individual apart from the crowd.
  4. This field is an ever-evolving stream that needs the individual to be very adaptive and ready for change. Being a learner ever after securing a job is an asset that improves the overall career graph of the professional.
  5. Career counselling is a great way to get to know about various opportunities in this domain. They are professionally trained individuals who help in expanding the horizons of people who are on the lookout for a secure job. They also analyze and assess the capabilities of individuals and suggest alternatives.
  6. Planning out the way towards securing a digital marketing opportunity is very crucial. It is also advised to try out freelancing as it gives greater freedom with work that is available.
  7. The individual is expected to be open to various kinds of digital marketing techniques to prosper in this domain.
  8. Consistency is the key. For any profession that is based on social media or the internet, consistency is very crucial. In the very beginning, it might not be very profitable but after continued persistence, it makes for a great professional career alternative. This career path can be taken up as a second source of income as it does not take up much time for the individual.

Since this is a new field and ever-growing stream which can potentially attract a lot of investments from the private sector it is a great opportunity to secure a long-term profession. Recently the public sector is also investing in digital marketing to push and improve the reach of their posts regarding policies and various other programs.

Hence there is a lot of scope for employment generation and makes for a promising field and industry. Using the right kind of keywords and consistent and regular posting of content can help in increasing traction in the long run.

To sustain in this field of digital marketing for a prolonged period of time warrants a document of skill and competence. It helps in gaining regular promotions and other monetary benefits. The present pandemic has only improved the scope of this domain as it helps in maintain the COVID protocol of social distancing.

To sustain such strong competition one needs to up his or her marketing game with adequate certification courses and regular learning of new technologies and trends.

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