How To Get Backlinks For Your Blog And Rank Your Content High On Google


Are you a new blogger – striving for views on the web or having a problem getting on to the top pages of Google or any other search engine, but do not have any idea why your site is not shown in the top of the search results of any search engine? This must be a place for you to know about how search engines work and how to rank your page among their top search results, fetching an instantaneous growth in your views.

There are many factors which determine your site’s rank on the search results. But here, we would be specifically talking about a single foolproof idea i.e. BACKLINKS (as mentioned in the topic), which can be of huge help to rank your content among the top search result pages.

If we just have a good number of inbound links for our site, with normal content in it. We can still make it possible to reach up to the first few pages of the search results just and just with Backlinks.

What is a Backlink?

Let us get it simpler. Let our site be a shop, in a market called the web. Now how can we get customers (viewers) at our shop (site)? It is possible in two ways either they come directly to our site or somebody else in the market can refer your site to them. Backlink can be taken as the reference for your site.

This was a way to make you understand the very concept of backlinking in Search Engine Optimization. But the actual definition of a backlink is: “A backlink is an incoming link from an external webpage pointing its viewers towards your site.” With the end of the definition, we come in front of another question.

Why is Backlinking so important?

For this, we have to go deep inside “Link” and try to understand what a search engine understands when it comes across a link. When a search engine crawls across web pages, it tries to find the links of that web page or article or blog with the other web pages. Not just other pages, Good pages.

If we talk in simple terms, “A good relevant backlink from a reputed site can make your site a bit more trusted among other sites without backlinks on them”. It is just this, Backlink gives our site authority, more trust and eventually more value. So this is what Google thinks and it puts the most relevant, good backlinked sites on top of its search results.

Till now, we know what is backlink and why it is useful for ranking among Google’s top search results. Now, let’s dig inside Backlink their types and the very purpose of the article. How to make good backlinks.

To start with there are basically two types of backlinks:-

1. DoFollow Backlinks:

Links embedded in the article with the anchor tag on the keyword or the mentions of your URL with a keyword will act as a dofollow link. All the links on a web page are by default dofollow links unless it is modified into nofollow link.

2. NoFollow Backlinks:

The anchor tags with the hyperlink reference to your site but its “rel” constraint is set to “no follow”.

For example: <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>sample</a>sample or links on social updates

Both of the backlinks are important and useful in ranking among the top places of Google’s search results. But in this search engine optimization community dofollow links are the actual carriers of the “Link Juice” or the vote of trust and quality content. Then why to use nofollow links? Nofollow links can be responsible for driving some instantaneous traffic for your content.

How to Make Good Backlinks?

Before coming to the topic, I would like to draw your attention towards a piece of very important information, not to overdo anything and get into spam. This is where your work will start going into vain. And one more important thing is, to be relevant because anything irrelevant or suspicious will not be considered as good in the sight of Google. So be cautious about being relevant and do not overdo backlinking and get penalized.

Ways for getting good backlinks for your site can be a lot easier than what we think. You have to just spend some time on finding out techniques to build good backlinks.

We are doing the work easier for you. We have researched a lot and have come up with some good techniques. You have to just read and choose the one that works best for you.

Here are some ways of getting backlinks.

1. Guest posting:

One of the most used and most trusted ways of getting permanent do follow backlinks is doing guest post submission on any flourished site. This way is a good way of creating a good do follow backlink for your site. As for this backlink, you would do some work for a site which provides the backlink. So this works mutually for both the people/organizations.

2. Internal linking on Keywords:

With this, we mean to approach other bloggers of the same domain of your article and pitch a request to the owner with the help of his contact provided at his site to internally link his content’s keyword to your content which will be a nice resource to take a second look on. Or else you can also find the not responding links in the pre-linked keywords and acknowledge the site’s owner about that, with a request to relink it with your content, which will be an appropriate alternative for the previous not responding.

With this, you provide information to the owner of the site about his site’s fault with a rectification for it, which makes it easy to convince for a permanent dofollow backlink.

3. Start a discussion about your content on Quora:

As we all know Quora is a site which provides tons and tons of backlinks of various domains. So to create a backlink which can be a game changer, we can start a discussion about our content and simply get a really good backlink which will be a quality backlink for an infinitely vivid writing domain.

4. Directory Submission:

Submitting your website link to a web directory is considered as directory submission. This is a smart way to fetch out some really good, high-quality backlinks for your website.

5. Link all the social media platforms:

In today’s generation we all have social media accounts, and sometimes we have multiple social media accounts. But the way in which you can get a good quality permanent backlink for your website resides inside linking them all with your website. And all you have to do is, use all those social media handles often. This can be combined with sharing links of your website often on each platform. But be cautious about overdoing it.

6. Contact flourished bloggers:

This tip to get quality backlink is by being in contact with a flourished blogger of your very own article domain and request them to link their content where needed/applicable. This task can be incorporated with doing research and providing available keywords on their article to link your content with as a resource.

7. Pay stress on .gov and .edu sites:

This way is quite tedious to achieve, but if achieved can create a huge impact in your ranking as Google loves Government sites and Educational organization sites and consider it as most trustworthy.

8. Commenting on related Website/Blogs:

This is an amazingly easy way of getting some nofollow backlink for doing practically nothing. It just takes a minute or two to fill up the 4 field form and wait for some hours to get it approved from the author to publish the comment and you are done. Means you get a backlink.

9. Use the Links from Outdated Resources:

If you look around on the internet, you will find that there are many websites which are outdated and have stopped working at all.

You should try to find out websites in your domain that have:

  • Changed their URL address
  • Changed their brand name
  • An outdated resource/blog
  • Stopped offering some service
  • Shut their business down

SEOMoz changed their brand name to Moz and also changed their URL address from to

Once you are successful in finding this, then you should find the sites that are still linking to the old URL. You can use any backlink checking tool for this purpose. There are a lot of them available on the internet, like Ahrefs is one of them.

Now you can write a well-crafted outreach email to those sites telling them that they are linking to an outdated resource. They can instead link to your post on the same topic. Most of the time there are chances that they will listen to you and in turn link to your post. This way you will be successful in getting a backlink and also gently promoting your content.

Content That Attracts Backlinks

Content will attract backlinks themselves? Yes, you read it right. There are contents that attract backlinks themselves i.e. people would love to read and share contents which they find useful.

One of the biggest challenge at this point is to find ideas for contents that will lead to sharing because you can never be 100% sure that people will like to share the content which you are writing. But there are certain factors which if paid attention to, while writing, can increase the chances of your content being shared. So you have to write contents that people will enjoy reading and sharing to others.

Here are the top 5 things that people enjoy sharing. This means that you should write contents having:-

1. Emotion

People tend to read emotional contents and whenever they feel some sort of emotional connection with the content, they tend to share it with others. This connection can be of love, hatred, anger, sadness, humour, etc. People show this sharing as a behaviour reaction immediately after reading the content. If there is a longer gap between the reading and the reaction, they seldom share the content.

2. Utility

Readers continuously search for informative and valuable content online which will keep them engaged.

The content should be of great utility for them. Then they would love to share it across social media platforms and generate good qualified traffic straight to your website.

In this category comes the “How to” topics telling people about step by step guides to do a certain work. The readers definitely love free, detailed expert opinions and methods of solving any problem.

The advantage to a blogger for writing this type of content, is that the topics for” How to” contents are unending. The blogger can give introduction to the problem. Then slowly and steadily write about the different steps to ultimately arrive at the solution. It is as simple as that.

3. Number / Lists

In today’s world there is always shortage of time and people are continuously busy doing their work. It is very difficult to keep someone glued to your content for long. Until and unless the content is of great value to him/her.

Readers have the habit of skimming through the content first and if they find it interesting and informative they spend the time to read the complete content.

So the best idea is to provide your content in the form of list. It can be bulleted or numbered. Listed content is easy to read and understand. Creating this type of content is well accepted among the readers.

You can keep the topic or heading as “15 tips to create a good kitchen garden” or “7 steps towards being a successful blogger”. People have more tendency towards clicking on such topics.

Hence you can benefit from this nature of the readers and make your content the most sharable content on the internet.

4. Stories

As a child each one of us loved listening to stories and sharing it with our friends. This love for stories stays with us even when we grow up and are busy with our work.

If you create content that has a story, you stand a great chance that it will be read and shared by your readers. The story can be funny, inspirational or emotional. These types of stories are shared the most.

Positive stories are shared more than the negative ones. You can include “SHARE TRIGGERS” in your content to make it more powerful. Share triggers are mainly those elements in your content which arouse strong emotions of anger, surprise, joy, fun, fear or laughter among the readers. This prompts the readers to like the content and share it with others.

You can write stories of the success of great personalities. These are both inspirational as well as true and practical. Hence, these contents are more trusted and likely to be shared by the readers.

5. Entertainment

We all love to be entertained. And so does our readers. If we are able to amuse and entertain our readers through our content, I am sure it will be shared by them.

According to a study, people share contents in order to entertain, inspire and be helpful to others.

After reading a content, if the readers feel entertained and happy, they start thinking whether this piece of content will be of use to others as well. They share the content to their friend to make them happy and delighted.

Just add a funny picture and write some funny content below the picture. Now see the magic! You will find people sharing it with others instantaneously.

Same is the case with quotes. If you write a great quote, you will find that it is being shared the most on Facebook or Whatsapp. Actually, people love to start their day with an inspirational quote as a good morning message. They also want their friends to start a day positively.

After all we have been taught since childhood that sharing is caring.


Whether you are a businessman, a digital marketer or a blogger, I hope you will be benefitted by the facts and the in-depth analysis shared by me through this post. This will definitely guide you in the future.

In my next post, I will be sharing tips to write outstanding outreach emails and promote your content.

Till then happy reading, writing great content and enjoying your content being liked and shared the most.

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