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Laravel Vs CodeIgniter: Finding The Most Suitable PHP Framework

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With paced up indulgence of custom web development requirements, the use of PHP MVC frameworks are turning out to be more and more popular with time. With numerous PHP MVC frameworks being available on the web, users browse the arena for the one that can bring out optimum outcomes for them. Being the most popular choices, Laravel Vs CodeIgniter is what users usually focus on. 

Overtime we had been able to recognize that PHP frameworks had been modern enough to provide greater flexibility with structured coding patterns. The choice of framework has a major role to play when developers consider development of business friendly web applications as per varying needs and objectives. Moreover, open source PHP frameworks allow developers to restrain development time without really increasing any project overheads. And this choice of framework is varied for all developers. This discussion is therefore of great use for PHP developers and enthusiasts. 

Laravel Vs Codeigniter: Finding the Perfect

As per the annual framework popularity survey that was known to be conducted by SitePoint, Laravel had been found more popular than Codeigniter. However, the performance, functionality, and usability of a web framework cannot be accurately depicted by its market share and popularity. Smarter comparisons are the ones which consider functionality, performance and features of various PHP frameworks as per specific needs of each project. Hence it is important to get through the various points of distinction when Laravel Vs Codeigniter performance is looked upon. 

Basis Or Features Importance Laravel CodeIgniter
1. Support For PHP 7 PHP7 enters the scene with sever new enhancements and features, being a major server-side language release. These new features are capable enough for reducing memory consumptions and boosting the performance of web developers.The version 7 of PHP is supported well by Laravel.There are many developers who had been facing issues during Codeigniter application testing on PHP 7. 
2. Support for Databases An array of databases that include PostgreSQL, MySQL, MangoDB, and Microsoft Bi are supported by both frameworks.Laravel supports just a few databases.Codeigniter supports the working of numerous other databases including Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, IBM DB2, JDBC and orientdb. Hence when database support is considered, Codeigniter is far more versatile
3. Built In Modules With a view of simplification and speeding up of development processes many web developers prefer dividing large and complex applications into several smaller modules.Laravel possesses built-in modularity features. Using it, developers can easily divide a project into smaller modules through bundle. Also, these modules can further be reused for multiple projects. Laravel web development in that case becomes a better one to handle.On the other hand, built-in modularity features is something that Codeigniter lacks. Codeigniter developers are therefore bound for creation and maintenance of additional Module Extensions.
4. Database Scheme Development Programmers can easily modify and share database of schema application without the need of creating complex codes. This way the database agnostic migration feature by Laravel makes tasks easier for developers. The further development of database schema application can be easily done by the developer by combining the schema builder and database agnostic migration. Database Schema development is provided well by Laravel.Despite supporting numerous popular databases, Codeigniter fails providing specific features for simplifying database schema migration.
5. Built In Template Engine By manipulating and enhancing views, Blade allows PHP developers to boost the presentation and performance of web applications.Laravel comes with Blade which is a simple yet robust template engine. In many essential considerations like this one Laravel dominates the Laravel Vs Codeigniter battle.Again, the Codeigniter lacks a built in template engine. In order to accomplish tasks a boost the website performance, the developers therefore need to integrate their frameworks with other healthy template engines like Smarty. 
6. Eloquent ORM Through ActoveReord implementation, the use of Object Relational Mapper or the ORM system allows work with variety of other databases very efficiently. With Eloquent ORM the users are also allowed direct interaction with particular model of database tables. They may also choose to run database queries, insert new records and complete other such common tasks.The developers can take complete advantage of Eloquent ORM with LaravelThis is however not possible with CodeIgniter.
7. REST API Development Laravel developers can easily build up a variety of REST APIs via the RESTful Controllers it provides. Without the need of writing any additional codes, they simply need to set the $restful property as true and build custom REST APIs.However there are no specific features with CodeIgniter in order to simplify the REST API development. While developing web applications via CodeIgniter, the users would require additional codes for the creation of custom REST APIs. 
8. HTTPS Support So that the application can send and receive sensitive information securely, most of the web developers prefer opting HTTPS protocol.Programmers can easily define HTTPS routes with Laravel. They can also opt to create a specific URL for every HTTPS route. By using the https:// protocol automatically before the URL, Laravel ensures that data transmission is secure.CodeIgniter fails to support HTTPS entirely. In order to keep data transmission secure the programmers need to create paths using URL helpers.
9. Routing The routing options for both Laravel and CaodeIgniter work identically.Laravel facilitates the programmers to route request in a way that is both efficient and easy. The programmers can utilize this feature of Laravel for defining most routes of a web application within a single file. Every basic Laravel accepts a single closure and URL. The users can still make use of the options that allows registering a route with the capability of simultaneously responding multiple HTTP verbs. These many details are however not possible with CodeIgniter. 
10. Unit TestingWith PHPUnit, the programmers can check the application code continuously and thoroughly. Along with being widely used tool for unit testing PHPUnit allows many more out-of-the-box extensions.Laravel scores more than other top PHP frameworks in case of unit testing. Moreover, there are no unit testing tools with CodeIgniter. Therefore in order to access the quality of application code, as the development process continues, programmers need to use additional testing tools. 
11. Authentication With implementation of comprehensive user login and securing the routes with filters, the customizable and extensible class allows users to secure their web applications.The Authentication Class with Laravel allows the developers to implement authorization and authentication easily.Such built in authentication features do not exist in case of CodeIgniter. The users therefore have to write custom CodeIgniter extensions in order to authorize and authenticate the same. 
12. Learning Curve Laravel allows users to take the advantage of many other added tools and features. These additional features turn Laravel into a complex deal to handle though. Therefore, in order to use all these features efficiently, beginners would be required to put in some extra efforts and time and learn all aspects.Unlike Laravel, CodeIgniter features a small footprint. It is a comparably easier to learn and use making things better.
13. Community SupportBoth Laravel and CodeIgniter are open source PHP system. Every structure is additionally upheld by a substantial network.Many web designers have expressed that individuals from the Laravel people group are more dynamicThe designers frequently think that it’s less demanding to profit online help.

All in all, the PHP engineers can benefit some of extra highlights by settling on Laravel. Be that as it may, the fledglings need to put additional time and push to learn and utilize Laravel adequately. The designers still need to assess the highlights of Laravel Vs CodeIgniter as indicated by the particular needs of each task to pick the privilege PHP structure. 

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