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65% increase in Organic Traffic per month, 67021 page views per month, and 167k impressions per month. 80% of targeted keywords for online flowers store are ranking in SERP out of which 60% are ranking on the first page of Google SERP.

About Project

Online Flowers Store is a popular florist supplier from the Philippines. It is capable of online bookings of flower delivery anywhere across the Phillipines. Online Flowers Store has developed with its commitment and services abilities with customers for online Flower demands along with resourcing, movement, and execution within the country for many years.


Online Flowers Store was searching for their worth position on the internet world. In a simple way, they were looking for site promotion by improving the Google search ranking. The ultimate result required was Top position in the Google search pages Result. To be a top service provider in the niche of online flower bookings on a country level, your website must be in the topmost position to attract all possible prospects looking for the services- you provide.

For such services offered by the client online, the organic approach of Site promotion was needed in this case. Even though, the brand awareness and development in the niche was another challenge. The Client was expecting brand recognition for the services they provide. It requires a certain time to achieve the result for the site by the use of various techniques. So, there was no option rather than an organic way of search engine optimization for the client’s expectations.


SEO Process

At very much beginning, we started with overall site analysis and referred to the overall reports. These reports gave us a detailed idea about the restrictions and limitations of the existing site to get sufficient and suitable traffic with volume. The product range was dynamic and full of varieties, so it was required to get each product of flowers in bouquet format, even with the chocolate format for each event-wise selection.

So, we suggested a dynamic gallery in the E-commerce platform of the entire site for Florista. We also segregated the various flowers and combination ideas in a more professional way in variants like prices, colors, gift items, etc. Our team also researched a lot for competitor’s markets on local and country-level for Online flower stores in detail. We discussed with online flower delivery promoters to explain our E-commerce strategy thoroughly for the Point of Sale approach and effective traffic from the target audience/ market in a larger volume. In the E-commerce strategy, we provide an entire client-centric approach from online booking to delivery i.e. client’s persona for this project.

END Results

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Organic Traffic

E-Commerce SEO
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E-Commerce SEO

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