SEO Services Company In Chennai

SEO Company In Chennai

Why Choose Movinnza - SEO Services Company in Chennai

Internet marketing contains several strategies and techniques like email marketing, search marketing, online advertising and social media marketing. We offer the top-notch quality services without compromising you on quality and budget.

Main Reasons to hire Movinnza for your SEO services in Chennai:

Increased Visibility:

Enjoy more leads and sales through improved visibility if your business website. All our services are strived on only one target; high exposure in international and local web sources. We expose your business/brand in every big portal to give you maximum web exposure. We bring your business visible on all big search engines, social media directories and forums.

Higher ROI:

We guarantee higher ROI to our clients. SEO services by us offer great value to your investment. When you opt for our seo services in Chennai, we evaluate your site, set target, form the best strategies and plans and implement them.

Our team of SEO experts are highly dedicated to improve your website online visibility through the use of most advanced and effective advertising strategies. You will never regret in investing in our top-notch SEO services.


We understand the value of your precious and hard earned money, thus we offer affordable SEO services in Chennai to our potential customers. We at Movinnza offer seo and social media marketing solutions at a budget that every individual can afford. So, you need not to put a hole in your pocket for getting excellent SEO solutions.


Movinnza remains transparent in all our Social media and SEO-related services. We think that transparency is the major key to gaining client trust. Thus, we aim to keep our customers updated with the constant improvement and results of our efforts in their projects. We maintain a track of our work and offer it to clients. In short, we submit complete data of all Analytic and SEO reports to our clients just to ensure our transparency.

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Search engine Optimization packages & Plans in Chennai

You can choose the SEO plans and packages with our three types of SEO packages.

● Global & National SEO packages

● Commerce SEO packages

● Local SEO packages

Choose one on the basis of the size of your business, competition and of course your budget. We offer good SEO packages that are suitable for clients with any budget.

Why Do Businesses Desperately Need SEO?

When you want a service, product, or brand, where do you search first? It is estimated that around 85% of consumers look for it online on google. More than 60 million users use search engines like Google daily. Thus, if you own a business, you can't compromise on creating a robust presence online.

By implementing SEO techniques and strategies, your site can get wide exposure. Search engine Optimization is a simple process of designing and writing websites so that it easily ranks on big search engines like Bing and Google for your targeted keywords.

SEO Company Chennai

Some best practices we follow to enhance search engine rankings

We provide quality links that are related to your business.

We use unique contents to engage readers for your website.

We create the credibility of your website with informative and authentic contents.

We boost the visibility of your website to new audiences with good and fresh links.

Get your site onto the top of google search engine pages, and you will gain these benefits:

More visitors:

Boost the site traffic and you boost your business exposure to targeted audiences and customers. According to studies, it proved that around 92% of people don't click on the next page of Google. So your website must rank in the top 10 results of search engine.

Quality Leads:

Customers will find you through a search engine that is basically seeking your service or product. These are your targeted audience who are more likely to buy your product.

A lasting impression:

Yes, you can buy advertisements on newspapers, television or on newspapers. However once the advertisement has run, its completely forgotten. All one can left with is to hope that their customers saw their name or brand and remember it. However, if you successfully optimize a target keyword, it can improve your ranking and will lift you up to top 10 search engine results for a long period of time, offering good traffic to your website round the clock.

SEO Consultant Chennai


SEO stands for search Engine Optimization. It is a group of techniques and strategies for optimizing a website so that it can reach higher rankings in SERPs. In the current competitive environment, SEO marketing is extremely essential than ever. Search engines like Bing and Google serve billions of users seeking answers to their queries every day.

It is extremely essential in today’s era for the success of any small or big businesses. Every search crawler should know what SEO is, its potential and how it works.

SEO tools help you change and customize your website the way you want. They are powerful, slick, effective intuitive and useful for your business.

Some effective SEO tools are:

● Google Analytics

● Google Search Console

● Keyword Planner

● MozBar

● SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

● WooRank

● SemRush

In order to survive and stay ahead in a competitive market, Search engine Optimization is vital for all size of businesses. Search Engines serves billion of crawlers everyday with the queries/solutions that they are looking for.

Yes, do not stop SEO as your site achieves a better rank in the search engine results. If you stop SO, the rank of your site may eventually go down.

To be honest, no company can guarantee you a guaranteed top ranking in search engines. However we guarantee improved rankings in Search engines via our exceptional SEO services.

For those who don't know, URL masking means hiding the real path of site file. And yes, we can mask the URL. URl masking also known as URL hiding and Stealth Redirection.

Yes it can be problematic as it creates plagiarized content. Bind, google and other search engines penalize duplicate content. Thus, it may not be useful for your website SEO.

Keyword research is among the major SEO factors along with content marketing and link building. Keyword research helps you find the targeted keywords that users are searching across the globe to get results. It helps in gaining organic traffic and promote your brand by improving your marketing performance.

In simple words, An SEO friendly site is a site which is easy for Google and other search engines to search and understand the site content and its structure.

Characteristics of a SEO friendly website are:

● It has Unique titles and Descriptions for all pages

● Well formatted URLs

● Fast loading web pages

● It has unique content

● Includes Optimized images

Organic SEO services are very effective in improving the website performance and business rank. Movinnza is the best and reliable seo company in Chennai, our team of experts understand the importance of organic traffic, so we focus on increasing your business’s rankings and visibility organically.

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Iron Buzz Tattoos

Iron Buzz Tattoos

Iron Buzz Tattoos

Amazing experience with Movinnza. They take care of every detail and pay attention to every requirement the client has. Our website is doing so well because of this great team. Cheers!

Swastik Tours

Swastik Tours

Swastik Tours

Movinnza is the best SEO company in pune I have come across recently with customer satisfaction as moto. They are well-organised, swift, and reasonably priced. They are very good at what they do. It was pleasure working with them. A big Thumps Up!!!!!

Kausal Vikash

Kausal Vikash

Kausal Vikash

I have started my website seo with Movinnza 4 months ago.The guidance I have received from them for improvements in website has so nicely increased my UI and loading time etc. SEO consulting is purely white hat seo and it gave me tremendous benefit in generating daily inquiries and ultimately the business.My website literally ranking on top at google , which is awesome . So happy with it.I highly recommend Movinnza as Best SEO company in Pune

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