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Over time, the world has switched to digital platforms to perform a variety of activities. Whether one wants to send an email, make a video call, analyze their business database, create a website, play games, make an online purchase, or read a book, there is a web application for everything.

Owing to increased digitization, activities like web development are no longer luxurious add-ons to one's organization. Irrespective of the scale at which you operate and the industry you belong to, you will need to use digital platforms to connect with your customers and grow your business.

Web Development Company in Pune here to help you develop websites and web applications that set you apart from the clutter and bring you a step closer to attaining your goals.

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Finest Web Development Services In Pune

Our team at Movinnza provides you with extensive web development services that help you build web applications according to your specific requirements. We understand the need to stand out from the clutter in the age of immense competition. Our web development services are designed to help you reach out to your clients/customers in the best way possible and give a unique personality to your brand.

It is common for clients to assume that web development is limited to developing websites. As your Web Development Company in Pune, we assure you that our services go beyond creating websites and developing highly responsive web applications.

While most websites have a server-side that allows the visitors to consume the content without making any changes, web application development has a client-side, allowing the users/visitors to interact with the host and perform various activities on the platform. In short, our web development services involve the creation of more engaging applications apart from developing an official website for your organization.

Web Development Services

Our web development services go beyond the traditional website
development using latest technologies for improved results.

Types Of Web Development Services

Static Web Development

In the age of digitization, your website is often the first point of contact between you and your target audience. It provides them with all relevant information about your company and offerings. Therefore, it is important for a company's official website to be engaging, unique, and aesthetic to have a lasting first impression.

Through static web development, we help you build apps and websites that possess little to no flexibility but are used for providing important information to visitors. These web applications focus more on the server-side of the platform and can be developed using technologies like HTML, CSS, Ajax, or jQuery.

You can go ahead with static web development if you are willing to provide specific information to your target audience or build a new website where you do not want to focus on the client-side yet. Whatever the purpose is, you can rest assured that our team will design the application to suit your specific requirements.

Dynamic Web Development

The importance of providing personalized services to customers had significantly increased over the last few years. Gone are the days when organizations adopted the "one size fits all" approach to reach out to their target audience.

Through dynamic web development, we help you create applications and websites where the content changes in real-time every time a visitor lands on your page or app. As opposed to static web development, such development uses an administration panel that constantly monitors the content displayed to specific visitors in real-time.

Our Web Development Company in Pune help you provide unique browsing experiences to your target audience when they visit your web application. This allows you to tailor your communication according to the needs and preferences of your customers.

Portal Application/Web Portal

A web portal is an application that gathers relevant data from multiple sources and presents the same to the users on a single platform. These applications are often used for creating recruitment and job search portals, property renting/buying portals, portals for searching hotels/restaurants, and much more.

Through web portal development, we help you collect all necessary data and content (in all formats) from various relevant sources and create a pool of the same to help your visitors browse the options and make a suitable choice.

E-commerce Platform

Today, E-commerce is no longer a trend that people are adapting to. Instead, it is gradually seeping into the lives of people across the board. Right from purchasing high-end tech products to groceries, more and more people are switching to making online purchases every day.

If you are venturing into the world of e-commerce and want to set up a web application for the same, our web development services will guide you every step of the way.

Right from creating the application/website and getting the products listed to set up data models to manage your orders, our team will make sure that you can streamline all necessary e-commerce processes to run your portal.

Web Animations

Website visitors and app users can no longer stay hooked on a platform with plain text and a few images. Instead, organizations need to use interactive and engaging content elements like animations to grab their attention and increase the aesthetic appeal of the application/website.

Our web application development services include creating engaging web animations for your website and apps. Whether you want to animate your brand's logo, add a short animation on the home page to grab attention, create an animated informational video, or animate important stats for better retention of information, we help you design web animations that suit your needs.

We are here to helped multiple businesses to establish their brands. Reach out to best Web Development Company in Pune!

Applications Equipped With Content Management System

It goes without saying that content plays the most important part in a website and an application. It is never advisable for an organization to create the content for a website and leave it without revisiting it regularly. This is why content management systems are important.

We help you develop applications that are equipped with robust content management systems through our web development services. These systems help you create, edit, reassemble, manage, and assess all content that goes to your web application. As a result, content management helps you keep your application updated and relevant to your target audience at any point in time.

Moreover, if there is a need to do so, we help you create a CMS that allows multiple users to contribute to the content of your web application, making the platform more dynamic and user-friendly. Finally, whatever the need be, we provide you with the power to control the content of your applications and make necessary changes whenever required.

Single-page Web Applications

In simple words, a single-page web application is an application that does not require to be reloaded while being used and works effectively within a browser. Staying true to the name, single-page applications allow users to stay on the same page while browsing multiple sections without waiting for it to reload. Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Drive are all examples of popular single-page applications.

Our developers help you build highly responsive single-page applications that provide your target audience/clients with high browsing speed and an improved browsing experience. As these applications do not need to wait for client-server communication every time and respond well to users' queries, you can create optimized single-page applications for the users to access them with utmost ease.

Multi-page Web Applications

Unlike their single-page counterparts, multi-page web applications reload the entire pages and display new ones when the users/visitors perform actions on the platform. Here, whenever a user clicks for an extra activity, the app would present them with an additional page dedicated to the concerned activity. The app requests a new page from the server every time data is exchanged back and forth.

Our web development services include developing multi-page web applications using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS and NodeJS. Creating multi-page applications is an ideal option if you are willing to use the web pages for SEO. As the different pages are optimized for search engines, you can target specific keywords and get your website indexed high on the SERPs.

You can avail of our multi-page web applications development services for building apps for your online stores, marketplaces, web portals, online catalogues, and enterprise web applications that are highly responsive.

Rich Web Applications

Rich web applications are the applications that are designed to provide users with the same functionality provided by desktop applications. Based on your specific requirements and the customers you are targeting, we help you build fast and engaging rich web applications using robust development tools.

Unlike traditional web applications built only using HTML and HTTP, we provide your clients and users with an improved visual experience and higher interactivity through these applications.

We aim at helping our clients personalize the browsing and user experiences of their customers through state-of-the-art web development.

Our Web Development Process

Analyzing-Your-Requirements Analyzing Your Requirements

The web development process starts when our team meets you, and you share your specific requirements with us. Then, whether you have an idea to build an application or objectives that you are willing to achieve, we will take all your inputs, analyze them, and come up with solutions that best suit your needs.

Developing The-Web-Application Creating The Design

Once we have all your requirements and have understood the objectives you want to achieve, we will start designing your web application. We will provide you with copy drafts, samples, and wireframes for every step in the designing process to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We will move on to the development stage only when you approve the design.

Creating-The-Design Developing The Web Application

Once we have the approval for the design, we will start with the development of your web application. Before developing the final version of the application, we will provide you with the prototypes and the preliminary versions to give you an idea of the direction that we are headed towards.

QA-Testing-And-Deployment QA Testing And Deployment

Once your web application is in place, our experts would carry out QA tests to ensure its functionality. After the application is successfully tested, we would finally launch it and make it live for your target audience to access the same.

Maintenance Maintenance

Our web development services do not end after your web application is launched. In addition, our team will provide you with ongoing maintenance services to ensure that the application is running smoothly.

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Common FAQs

The difference between a website and a web application is very subtle. In most cases, a website consists of static pages that may or may not have input reliability. In other words, a website focuses more on the server-side and does not allow the users to make changes on the platform through their actions.

On the other hand, a web application is more interactive in nature. It allows the users to make changes on the platform by their actions and focuses on both the client-side and server-side of the platform.

While a website is often used for passive transmission of information, a web application is more proactive in nature.

Typically, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks to build a website from scratch and 3 to 6 months to develop a web application. This includes all the stages from initial analysis to final deployment. However, the exact time period depends on the specific client and the kind of website to be created. Our services are flexible when it comes to time limits. If you are willing to develop and deploy your website immediately, we will try and shrink the development time by working extensively on your project.

Yes, the majority of the web applications that we develop are mobile responsive. This is because most of our clients require applications and websites that can be accessed on the go and by remote users from anywhere. However, if a client requires a desktop-only site or application, we tailor our web development services accordingly.

Just like any other service provided in any other industry, the costs of web development services vary depending on a budget of the client, the work involves, the tools require, the level of customization needed, the estimated time for development, the customers to be targeted, and much more.

It is inevitable for one to find service providers offering higher and lower costs for web development services. However, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best services according to your budget requirements.

As of now, all of our web development services are provided by our in-house team of professionals. None of our services are outsourced to any individual or company operating separately from our organization.

Our services are limited to developing web applications as per your requirements. We do not guarantee website traffic or traction on the web applications we develop.

Unfortunately, all our web development services are designed for building websites and web applications from scratch. However, if you are willing to retain specific elements from your existing website, we would add the same to the new website we build.

Web hosting services are essentially based on the requirements of the website to be developed. We would suggest a suitable server you can buy based on your website requirements. If you need to, we would help you host your websites as well at no extra cost. However, if you already have a server, you would not need a separate server while availing of our services.

Yes, we can help you port an existing domain name and manage the same for no extra charges.

All the designs used by our team for building web applications are created uniquely for the concerned clients.

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