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SEO Backlink Strategies

SEO Backlink Strategies – Free tools to Rank High

Search Engine Optimization-SEO is the process of getting traffic on any website using organic and natural content written on the web pages. SEO Backlinks is one of the important aspects within the paradigm of SEO which can help in generating traffic for the website. So, what are backlinks? Backlinks are basically incoming links to a webpage.

Any link provided on the content of the webpage linking it back to another page on the same website or another website can be considered as backlinks. With the use of more backlinks on the website, it can generate more traffic as it will be ranked higher in the search results. Backlink strategies are the perfect measurements to get high traffic to you website.

Backlinks can be used to link the page to a page on a website with higher domain authority, thereby enabling the website in concern to gain more link juice. The manifestation of these hyperlinks happens through anchor texts which are hyperlinked texts placed within the content of the webpage.

If a backlink is linked to the same website more than ten times, it will be considered as only one linked root domain. The other links added in the blogs are known as do-follow links which merely increase the impetus for web crawlers to move from the website to the specified link. Backlinks can be used in myriad ways on the website to generate more traffic.

Advantages of Backlinks

Higher Search Engine Visibility

There are numerous advantages of using backlinks on a webpage. Backlinks can help in improving the organic ranking of the webpage. For example, if the backlink connects the page in concern with another that contains content that is ranked organically higher, it will automatically experience an increase in terms of search engine visibility. Backlinks also help in bettering the indexing process as the links added will guide the engine bots to discover and crawl the website with ease.

Gain Referral Traffic

Another major benefit of using backlinks in a webpage is to gain referral traffic on your web pages. For example, if the content of your blog is regarding a certain topic, the backlinks need to be established to a website that is similar as far as the topic of the blog so that the exchange of traffic that occurs between them happens in tandem with the interests of the users. As backlinks are important for bringing traffic to your website, it is also important to understand how they are used.

How to Prepare Oneself for Backlinks

Backlink strategies in SEO-seo pune

The use of backlinks can be done by fixing technical errors. Google reduces visibility and consequently traffic growth for a website if there are numerous technical errors apparent on the website. Thus, if the user experience is ruined due to some human errors on the developmental side, the site rank will automatically go down. Some of the technical issues needed to be fixed before using backlinks in the website are listed as:

  • Low loading speed

  • 404 Error

  • Duplicate content

  • Not mobile friendly

  • Incorrect directives

Once these errors are taken care of, the structure of the website should be decided to know how backlinks are distributed throughout the site. One of the examples of proper architecture and the structure of the website is the reverse silo. The inbound links here will be linked to blog posts and they can redirect to either the homepage or the category page.

The major requirement for using backlinks on a webpage is not the number of backlinks used but the quality of the backlinks. The best ways to create quality backlinks for the webpage includes writing articles, comments, submission to web directories, etc. To optimize the use of time and money invested in using backlinks, the site should be optimized technically, it must also have a strong architecture and the available content should be properly developed keeping in mind the specifications of SEO and reader experience.

The content written for the webpage should be valuable enough to be involved in the website. The whole SEO campaign is dependent on the quality of the written content. Content is the sole reason search began and thus, before adding various backlinks on the webpage, it is necessary to have the quality of the content checked for the webpage. The quality of the content will determine how much the reader is interested in viewing the page and this will determine how the backlinks are useful in generating the traffic. Thus, the quality of the content is important for the backlinks to be useful in generating traffic.

To receive long-term results, it is recommended to use relevant websites and backlinks from real websites. The new websites should be avoided as Google, with the alleged “sandbox” tool holds them from being promoted and ranked higher easily. The simple principle of not linking to new websites will help in the reduction of irrelevant backlinks and avoiding penalties from Google.

Rules of Using Backlinks

There are certain rules to be followed for obtaining quality backlinks. One of the rules will be the inclusion of relevant backlinks on the webpage. The links on the web pages should evaluate more opportunities beyond references to the third parties.

Analysis of the website should be done by checking the webpage rank on Google to constantly improve the content as well as other aspects of the webpage. Also, the focus should be more towards the sites having good traffic already. Having backlinks from a website with already existing traffic will help in generating higher traffic on your own website. These backlinks are hard to get but they can reward one with an increase in the amount of traffic for the webpage as well as the website as a whole.

Anchor texts should be used while writing the article. Anchor texts in the article will be helpful in integrating backlinks in a more natural manner as compared to merely using naked URLs to do so. These backlinks or topics can interest reader to know or understand more about the particular subject was written in the article. Use of anchor texts in the article should be smart as incorrect use can lead to low rankings on Google. Moreover, the use of aggressive anchor text integration on the page can lead to penalties. The anchor text should be well below 1% of the overall content, which is a general rule to be followed.

Backlinks from websites should be checked so that they are not redirected to scam websites. There are certain backlinks that should be avoided. There are the number of websites where penalties are posted if certain kinds of backlinks are used in the article. The penalty can be either manual or an algorithmic penalty.

Types of Backlinks

 Types of Backlinks-seo services pune

Another important aspect is to create foundational backlinks for the website. Keeping the foundational backlinks will improve the trust rank of the website. With an increase in trust rank, the performance of the website on the search engines will also improve. Foundational backlinks are branded backlinks on authority websites. Only naked links or anchor texts of branded websites should be used for foundational backlinks.

The business should have social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. Marketing on social media platforms can be a plus point for businesses. Social media marketing gets a lot of referral traffic and engagement. Social media backlinks are one of the most important marketing prospects to be used in the article for the website.

Business citations can be perfect for the foundation and formation of trust on the website. Business listings, as well as social media profiles, can be used as backlinks in the articles. These SEO backlinks would be helpful in getting more traffic. Other targets can include utilization of geo-targeted and niche-targeted directories as backlinks in the articles.

Blog comments can also be utilized as backlinks in the article and they actually offer better traffic generation opportunities than any other backlinks used. Writing a meaningful blog has to be done by focusing on a single point and ensuring that the opportunities for the influx of fluff content are reduced to a large extent. Relevant forums can be used as one of the backlink strategies for the article. The traffic of various websites has increased with the help of using relevant forums as backlink destinations.

Power backlinks can be used which can accelerate the results as they are more relevant and more authoritative as compared to normal links. A content-driven approach can also help in generating backlinks for the website. This will require proper keyword research, great content and adequate promotion of the content. The quality of the content will help in creating better assets for the business. Link building can be used for investing but it will not work for the SEO. Promotion and production of content on a consistent basis will have a compound impact effect.

Thus, use of SEO backlink strategies in an article is important for the generation of traffic on the website. These backlinks are of the best tools helping the webpage rank high on the search results for any search engine. The use of power backlinks, foundational backlinks, social media backlinks and many more can be utilized in generating more traffic for the website.


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