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Stay in touch with your customers and engage your prospects as they browse through their favorite social media platforms with our SMO services.

At the peak of digitization, staying away from social media is almost impossible – both for the customers and the businesses. People worldwide have switched to social media platforms for an array of purposes, whether it is for getting entertained, interacting with people, consuming news, making purchases, or marketing their offerings.

Businesses still make the mistake of overlooking social media as a medium for marketing their products and services if their offerings are good enough. However, it is important to understand that the quality of your offerings is not enough to provide you with the traction you require. It is important to market your brand on the right platforms to make your target audience aware of your offerings and persuading them to engage with you.

If you are planning to leverage social media capabilities to get the results you have always wanted to achieve, we are here and are happy to help!

Best Social Media Optimization Services In Pune

Movinnza is a social media marketing company in Pune that you can trust to provide end-to-end solutions to your problems. Our team understands the objectives you are willing to achieve by making use of social media platforms.

Whether you want to boost your sales, launch a product/service, revamp your brand's image, or want to stay relevant in the market and get regular traction, we will help you find the most suitable social media platforms for you and use them to attain your objectives.

Social media platforms have gone through a massive change over time. Initially used for making internet friends and staying in touch with your loved ones, every social media platform is now being used by marketers to market their offerings. One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is the fact that you can reach millions of potential customers by making a single post.

As your social media marketing company in Pune, we help you tap into this opportunity and help you spread your word across the internet in the best way possible. If your business does not have any presence on social media, we will help you create an account and start engaging your prospects from day one. If you already have one or more social media accounts up and running, our marketing professionals will help you leverage the same to get the desired results.


A marketing campaign without social media involvement is no less than a body without a soul in 2021!

Key Social Media Platforms Covered

Facebook Marketing

Gone are the days when Facebook was a social media platform limited to the younger lot of society. Over time, the immense popularity of Facebook has attracted users across all ages and from all walks of life. Facebook is no less than one large country with a variety of inhabitants.
As your Facebook marketing company in Pune, we help you reach out to your target audience by making regular and quality posts. Whether you want to create short write-ups, long informative posts, videos, memes, or any other form of content that would help you grab eyeballs on Facebook, we would help you create it in the best way possible.
Along with making posts, our social media marketing services also include designing and publishing ads on Facebook. We help you create a banner/video ad for your brand and place it on Facebook in a strategic manner. This would promote your posts help you make more users aware of your business in a few simple clicks.

Instagram Marketing

With a relatively younger user base, Instagram is not too far behind Facebook regarding popularity and usage. Starting as a social media platform revolving around image sharing, Instagram has come a long way in allowing users to express themselves differently.
We help you create promotional posts on Instagram that are in sync with the needs and preferences of your target audience. Regular posting on Instagram “feed” and “stories” will help you stay relevant to your audience and help you gain more traction.
You can rest assured that we would help you create content that unique, engaging, and shareable. Moreover, if you are willing to promote your page or create sponsored ads to make them visible to your audience on a priority basis, we would assist you in doing so.

Twitter Marketing

People's attention span has gotten significantly lesser with time, increasing the prominence of micro-blogging platforms like Twitter. Through Twitter marketing, we help you in conveying your promotional messages within 280 characters.
Our team of innovative content creators will churn out original, precise, smart, and engaging content on Twitter to give your brand the visibility it deserves.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an ideal social media platform when it comes to making professional connections, recruiting the right candidates, and applying for the right jobs. Brands having a presence on LinkedIn often focus on the more sophisticated and “no-nonsense” approach to social media marketing.
Being your social media marketing agency in Pune, we help you create a unique presence of your brand on LinkedIn and reach out to prospects that fall under your target audience. Whether you are willing to create regular posts to engage with your audience or create targeted sponsored messages to reach out to specific LinkedIn users, we help you optimize the platform to achieve your marketing goals.

All you need to do is choose a social media platform, and we will help you optimize it to obtain the best results.

Why Choose Our Social Media Marketing Services?

Services Tailor-made For Your Target Audience

A social media marketing campaign for an IT company and a restaurant should never look the same. It is the target audience that dictates the approach of a marketer. As your social media marketing company in Pune, we ensure that all our services are tailored to the specific needs of your customers.

Once you approach us with your requirements, our team would assess the needs of your target audience and design your social media campaign accordingly. With Movinnza, you can rest assured that your customers/clients will always occupy a position of key importance in all our services.

A Team Of Dedicated Professionals

We have a team of experienced professionals having ample experience in social media marketing in specific and marketing in general. In our team, you will find the solution to all your problems as we provide you with end-to-end SMO services.

We have everyone you need to create a wholesome social media marketing campaign for your business. Our content creators develop creative and engaging posts. Our researchers scout the market and provide you with valuable insights. Our consultants provide you with adequate assistance every step of the way. It is our team that makes us one of the most reliable social media marketing companies in Pune.

Keeping You Updated

With Movinnza as your social media marketing company, you can rest assured that you will always stay updated about the progress of your campaign and relevant development about the same. Right from the number of likes/comments/shares received to the quality of traction received on every platform, we would regularly provide you with detailed reports about your social media campaign.

Also, you can expect complete transparency in the reports provided by us. Our team would provide you with an objective perspective of the results achieved, helping you calculate your ROI.

Focus On Quality Hashtags

Hashtags are to SMO what keywords are to SEO. They help you attract users to your social media posts and make them discover your brand as they search for specific hashtags.

Our social media marketing services lay utmost emphasis on the use of suitable hashtags on every platform. We analyze the underlying needs of your clients and target tags that they are likely to search while looking for the services you provide. This makes it easy for your target audience (followers and non-followers) to discover your business, improving your reach on multiple social media platforms.

Thorough Market Research

After we understand your requirements and before starting with your project, our team will conduct thorough market research to understand the pulse of the market you operate in and the audience you are targeting.

Brands can no longer implement the “one size fits all” approach when it comes to marketing their offerings. We help you understand the ongoing trends in your market and your customers' preferences to create a targeted and wholesome campaign.

Our market research also involves studying cases of highly successful and unsuccessful social media marketing campaigns carried out by brands operating in your industry.

Analyzing Competitors

We believe that it is important to be well-versed in the strategies deployed by your competitors to have the edge over them in the market. We help you in undertaking extensive competitor analysis, especially regarding the high-ranking players in the market. This would help you ascertain the approach and strategies that work while refraining from committing the mistakes made by the competing brands.

Focus On Increasing Reach

Social media can be used to publish posts that can be accessed simultaneously by anyone living in any corner of the world, unlike traditional media platforms.

Our social media marketing services are designed to help you get a better reach and approach a large portion of your target audience through smart and calculated targeting. Once your target audience gets familiar with you on social media, half the battle is already won.

Focus On Generating Leads

Our social media marketing services aim is not limited to increasing your reach and visibility on social media platforms. We also help you generate quality leads from your social media posts that help you drive your sales.

Based on the platform used, we would add effective and subtle calls to action along with your posts to persuade your audience to engage with your business. If you are willing to promote your sales, a direct link to your online store can result in impulsive buying, giving you traction along with sales.

Social Media Consultation Services

Technically speaking, setting up a social media account is a fairly easy task. It hardly takes a few minutes to open social media accounts for your brand on all major platforms. The real challenge lies in managing them and using them to gain traction.

This is where our social media consultation services come in. An integral part of SMO, social media consultation allows us to use your social media accounts on your behalf. This involves creating posts, publishing them, replying to comments, and engaging with your followers.

Our social media consultation services are aimed at helping you set a tone for your marketing campaigns finds a consistent voice for your brand. You can rest assured that the identity of your brand would in competent hands. Also, it goes without saying that every action will be taken after your approval, and you will have the utmost control over the actions undertaken using your social media accounts.

As your social media marketing company in Pune, we understand how important it is to know where to stop while making social media posts. While irregular posting affects user engagement negatively, spamming the platform with a plethora of posts is also not advisable. We will make sure that all your social media activities are timed and paced well.

How Does Social Media Marketing Improve Your Brand Value?

Effective communication is the key to improve the value of your brand amongst your target audience. For your audience to value your brand, it needs to have a personality and voice of its own. Brands are no longer far-fetched and larger-than-life entities with whom the customers cannot interact directly. Customers today want to be treated as if they are the only ones being catered to by the brand.

This “up, close and personal” approach is effectively provided by social media marketing. It allows your customers to view your posts, like them, and comment on them like they would interact with their friends on social media. This allows you to build healthy and lasting relations with your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fixed price for our social media marketing services. Our offerings and packages depend on the objectives you want to achieve, the tools you want to use, the audience you are catering to, the budget you are ready to allocate, and the time period for which you want to avail of our services.

However, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best possible quotes and packages for the budget you are willing to allocate.

Absolutely! All the passwords of all your social media accounts will be 100% secure and will not be disclosed to anyone. We will take care of the complete security of your data and sign a contract with your mentioning the same. Also, you will have total control over resetting or changing the passwords of your social media accounts.

We will never post any content on any social media platform that is unethical or controversial in nature. Before we post any content on any platform, we would ask for your consent and seek your approval to ensure that everyone is on the same page and you are aware of the content being posted through your accounts.

We are focused on helping you increase your brand visibility and reach out to your target customers. We do not guarantee a specific amount of sales that will be generated out of the same. However, our client's testimonials and case studies would give you an idea about the success rate of our services.

Our job is limited to make people connect with you. The purchase decisions made by your customers and the deals closed by you will depend on your services and your relations with the audience.

There is no specific time any social media marketing campaign takes for showing the desired results. Several factors affect your audience finally choosing to engage with you and responding to your promotional messages. Also, public opinion is dynamic and very difficult to predict.

However, you can expect to see measurable results of the social media marketing campaign around six months after it goes live. You may see the results sooner or later based on multiple factors, as discussed above.

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