Globalflora.com offers express delivery across the world. Leveraging our extensive florist network we offer same-day delivery almost anywhere in the world. We strive to deliver fresh, stylish, & beautiful floral arrangements individually created by our expert designers.


This is an e-commerce platform built up in 2 individual panels, which are developed in Codeigniter PHP. One is the website and another one is an admin panel for their staff. It has multiple payment gateways which are of both types, seamless as well as non-seamless. We do not store card details in either gateway. The PHP coding is completely minified in a simplified manner as well as the CSS and js are minified and encrypted.


Module List - Storefront

  • Insta Pay
  • User Registration
  • Forgot Password
  • User Login
    • User Dashboard
    • Personal Details / Data
      • Edit Details
    • Track My Order
    • Change Password
  • Florist Registration
  • Florist Login
    • Florist Dashboard
    • Monthly Invoice
    • Order From Website
    • Order To Website
    • Place Order (Custom Order)
    • Delivery Schedule
    • Total Account Summary
    • Bank Details
      • Edit Details
  • Product Search
  • Product Listing Page
    • Product Sorting (by price)
  • Product Details Page
  • Cart
    • Increase Quantity in cart
    • Delete product from the cart
    • Apply Coupon
    • Login with Facebook
  • Order Page
  • Users
    • Vendor
      • Send Confirmation
      • Request Payment
      • Monthly Report
      • Make Payment
      • Edit Details
    • Customers
      • View Customer Panel
        • Send Confirmation
        • Request Payment
      • Edit Details

Module List - Store Management

  • Dashboard
  • New Order
    • View Order
      • Send Confirmation
      • Forward Order
      • Print Challan
      • Send or Print Order & Invoice
      • Request Payment
      • Delivery Confirmation
    • Edit Order Details
    • Issue Discount Coupan
  • Update Order
  • Pending Order
  • Invoice
    • Manual Order
    • Extra Charges
    • Fast Cash
    • Vendor Invoice
    • Vendor Purchase Invoice
    • Verify Payment
  • Reports
    • Sales Report
    • Credit Report
    • Cancel Report
    • Purchase Report
    • Payment Report
    • Delivery Report
    • Vendor Balance
    • Vendor Financial Report
    • Vendor Monthly Report
  • Users
    • Administrator
      • View administrator panel
      • Edit Details
  • Card Print
  • Expenses
    • Cash Expense
      • Add new expense
    • Credit Expense
  • Promotions
    • Manage Promocodes
      • Add Promocode
      • Edit Promocode
    • Manage Product/Order Review
      • Add New Review
      • Edit Review
    • Manage Weekly Offers
    • Export Product For Import
  • Manage Website
    • Edit Website
  • Manage Category
    • Add New Category
    • Edit Category
  • Manage Product
    • Add New Product
    • Edit Product
    • Edit Extra Details
  • Add Bulk Product
    • Insert New Product
    • Update Existing Product
  • Manage Product Sequence  Manage Order Delivery Date
  • Blocks
    • Add Block
    • Edit Block
  • Manage Order Delivery Dates  Manage Payment Gateway
  • Web CMS
    • Manage City
      • Edit Manage City Details
    • Manage Website Country Content
    • Manage Country Content
      • Edit Country Content
    • Default Page Content
    • Footer Option Content
    • More Ways To Shop
    • Manage Menu Content
  • Manage Newsletter
    • Add New Newsletter
    • Edit Newsletter
  • Database Backup
  • Manage Redirect
    • Add new redirect
    • Edit Redirect
  • Send SMS
  • Master
    • Manage Country
    • Manage cities (master)
    • Currency Master
    • Occasion Master
    • Colour Master
    • Flower Variety Master
    • Payment Gateway Master
    • Export Product List for GMA
      • Add product for GMA
    • Taxable Year


1. Fastest online flower shop tested in gtmetrix and google tools
2. Passed all SEO friendly checks in seositecheckup tool.
3. Schema markup is passed in it and approved by google’s schema tool
4. Targeted pages are coming in the google search results prior pages.
5. Sales are increasing at the rate of 20% for an year.
6. No crash of site reported till date, season and off-season orders. Also recorded processing of more than 100 orders across the globe in one hour without any lagging in valentine season.

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