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Alternate Angle Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (AAAPL) is a service provider for the Built Environment sector. A registered company under the Companies Act, India, AACPL serves the education, training, and software segments within the Built Environment sector. AACPL was formed in March 2018 as a software and training division of Alternate Angle Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (AAAPL) - an Architecture and Planning company established in Mumbai, India since 2007.


Module List
Website Admin
  1. User Registration
  2. Forgot Password
  3. Change Password
  4. User Login
  5. User Dashboard
  6. Information
    1. Career Profiles
    2. Blogs
    3. Spotlight
    4. Vlogs
    5. Growth Tips
    6. Saved Items
  7. Education
    1. View Educators
    2. View Courses
    3. View Programs
  8. Jobs
    1. View Jobs
  9. Business
    1. View Organizations
    2. View Products
    3. View Services
    4. View Projects
    5. Create Enquiry
    6. Find Resources
  1. Manage Website
    1. Edit Website
  2. List Of Values
  3. Master
    1. List Of Values
    2. Manage Country
      1. Add New Country
      2. Edit Country
    3. Manage cities (master)
      1. Add new city
      2. Edit City
    4. Mange State
      1. Add new state
      2. Edit state
    5. Manage Career Profile
      1. Add Career profile
      2. Edit Career Profile

The Brief


We were approached by Milind Surve to design and develop software and website both for creating a platform for architect professionals. In this there will be 4 different type of users.

1) Architects

2) Educators

3) Organizations

4) Visitors

Each user can get different benefits from this website.

For eg.

   -  Architects can take the evaluation test for themselves to know which career profiles suit best according to their personality.

   -  Educators can promote their upcoming courses and contact potential students.

   -  Organizations can post various jobs and get the employees.



1. Easy access to architect professionals.
2. Reliable leads for business.
3. Chance to know about various educators and organizations.

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