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Unveiling Movinnza: A Pioneer In The Indian SEO Landscape

India has seen a surge in websites for over a decade now. Companies of all scales across the country are catering to millions of users every day through online content.

Do you want to break this clutter and climb to the top of search engine rankings?

Movinnza is here to help you navigate the Indian SEO landscape with efficiency. As a trusted SEO company in India, Movinnza assists you in making your mark on the digital world as you get discovered by your target audience. Our SEO campaigns and strategies are tailor-made for our clients, helping them overcome inherent challenges and break the much-needed barriers on their way to the top!

SEO company in India
SEO agencies in India

Movinnza: Your Reliable SEO Company In India Can Help You Unleash The Power Of Digital Excellence

Thanks to digitization, companies and individuals are able to spread their word across the globe. Targeting the ever-so-diverse Indian audience is not easy. Being one of the best SEO companies in India, Movinnza helps you make the most of digital excellence across multiple platforms.

Irrespective of the nature of your business and the type of website you wish to optimize, we have got your back! Our team of skilled and experienced SEO professionals assess your current website(s) and suggest the most suitable changes to optimize it. We help you identify the smallest gaps in your site that prevent it from getting the rank it deserves.

Once Movinnza is on board as your SEO company in India, we will shoulder complete responsibility for delivering organic results.

Our SEO services go beyond the traditional SEO using latest technologies for improved results.

Benefits with Us

Understanding The Gaps

Our team at Movinnza focuses on extensive gap analysis to understand the existing shortcomings of your site. We conduct a thorough audit of your website and help you make all necessary changes to optimize it for the search engines.


We at Movinnza offer our services at really affordable prices. We also have pocket friendly packages and incentive schemes for our new clients.


We have a team of SEO professionals at our company who are experienced, talented and polished in their fields.


After working for so many years with a huge number of clients and providing them our SEO services in India, we have gained a lot of experience and know exactly how to drive organic traffic and give results to our clients.


Movinnza has a productive group of SEO experts who can viably create SEO technique and actualize it with ensured SEO for you.


Movinnza gives safe SEO administrations to your business since we know the SEO in and out.

SEO Services Case Studies

search engine optimization companies in India

Some Best Practices we Follow to Enhance Search Engine Rankings

We provide quality links that are related to your business.
We use unique contents to engage readers for your website.
We create the credibility of your website with informative and authentic contents.
We boost the visibility of your website to new audiences with good and fresh links.

How Do We Do The Work

Mobile Friendly Website

In India alone, mobile internet usage is expected to increase by 519 million users every year. Foreseeing this demand, we check whether your website is responsive or not.

Website Analysis

Our objective is to your website’s potential, find limitations and major roadblocks. We need to research and study your website’s URL structure, domains and images in order to analyse and evaluate your chances of getting good business through your website.

Google Indexing Issues

Pages not being indexed in Google means no rankings ever! We check and fix Google indexing issues of your website.

SEO Strategy & Goals

We find out whether your website is generating leads and sales or not. If not then we create a SEO strategy that is result oriented and well-coordinated with your target audience and marketing goals.

On-Page SEO

Improving elements on your website that have a direct effect on ranking in organic search results can improve your On-page SEO.

Destroy The “Zombie Pages"

The worst thing about Zombie pages is that they live in the top level of navigation of their sites as either service or product pages. This increase the bounce rate of the website. So, we focus to find and destroy all the zombie pages on your websites.

Analyze The Backlinks

Backlink analysis is considered the foundation of SEO and link-building. It stands in the starting, in between and at the end of the link building process. It is always an important Google ranking factor.

Competitor Analysis

SEO competitive analysis is important as it provides data regarding which tactics are working in the SEO industry we are in and what else is needed to improve keyword rankings.

Check and Fix Broken Links

Broken links are not good for the user experience and thus bad from an SEO perspective. Hence we find out those broken links and fix them.

Create SEO-Friendly Content

The easiest way to drive traffic towards your site is by ranking higher on SERPs, and this can be done by posting SEO friendly content on your site. The content we post is original, authentic, informative and having keywords that are relevant to your business.

Websites Architecture

Site architecture is the main component of user experience and has a great impact on SEO. Hence the website should be simple yet attractive.

Do UX Optimization

UX Signals have a significant impact on SEO. In fact, the user will stop engaging with a site if the layout and content are unattractive. So we optimize for UX signals, which in turn boost your Search Rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an SEO company in India, Movinnza focuses on the holistic aspects of search engine optimization. Our goal is not just to put your site at the top of the search engine results. We also focus on giving you the leads you are looking for and the organic traffic that converts.
Depending on your requirements, Movinnza gives you an ideal combination of on-site and off-site SEO to navigate the Indian market. From creating engaging content and making technical changes in your website to building quality links that increase your site’s authority, we leave no stone unturned in giving you high search engine rankings.
Movinnza caters to businesses belonging to all major industries. Our SEO experts are trained to handle clients working in multiple sectors, including healthcare, IT, lifestyle, finance, and many more. Irrespective of the industry you belong to, you will be working with a qualified and certified SEO company in India!
Mobile optimization is crucial for SEO because search engines prioritize mobile-friendly websites. With the increasing use of smartphones, search engines like Google consideYes, Movinnza provides you with impeccable local SEO services to target a specific region. From optimizing your site to building a Google My Business page, we guide you in amassing local credibility in the best way possible.
Our team understands the importance of staying in tune with the latest trends to succeed in the Indian digital landscape. Along with the Google Search Essentials, we keep an eye on every new SEO trend emerging in the industry to give relevant services to our clients. For example, we recently added conversational SEO to our roster of SEO services in India.
Our SEO strategies are determined by the individual needs and preferences of our clients. The size of an organization determines the tools it wants to use, the audience it wants to target, and the platforms it wants to focus on. All these factors help us personalize our services to suit our client’s needs.
No, there is no minimum contract period for Movinnza’s SEO services in India. We provide our services depending on your requirements and deliverables. However, most of our clients prefer entering into long-term relationships with our agency after seeing the results.
You can simply give us a call, shoot us an email, or connect on WhatsApp to get started with our services. We also offer free website audits for new clients. Trust us, it won’t take more than a few seconds to reach out!

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