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65% increase in Organic Traffic, 2894 page views per month, and 176k impressions per month. 80% of targeted keywords for IT training are ranking in SERP out of which 40% are ranking on the first page of Google SERP.


About Project

Kausal Vikash is a Pune-based company website for online IT training services as well as a specialized stream of ROBOTICS- RPA and AI, Python data Science and Automation anywhere. The strongest point is they have got many specialized courses for the training available online.

So, the value addition of the training courses is already there with the market trends. The organization has a reputed place in the niche with more than 4500 students trained so far. There are more than 4500 community members are enrolled with Kausal Vikash. More than 250 Industrial project managers have been benefitted with this specialized training.


This client is a professional-client from the IT training niche. They expect a healthy viewership of their website by a purely genuine traffic/ target audience of relevant technical professionals looking for their updating knowledge base and new opportunities for job requirements. This requires a good organic search volume and Domain authority in Google search i.e. SERP.

This Client’s Site needs good exposure for branding purposes. At the same time, the Site has to be useful and reachable to all potential learners in a proper timeline with the site. The site expectation on a content level and design level was a real need for complete detailed information of all training required for the various courses and learners. The client always expects a good volume of search for all its location among Google searches too. Here we can not restrict only local enquires and admissions, but all over India one can explore and plan for the search and valid inquiries for online courses.

SEO Process

We had a joint meeting with our clients and convince them about the Site ranking methods and approaches – which will be benefitted in their case. We decided to work on the basic technology-oriented keyword research and analysis for all the types.

We also did competitor research in-depth in this as well as customer inputs for the market behavioral study of the students looking for the exact requirement in RPA. We analyzed and work out the niche requirement for the overall site look i.e. user experience level. We studied and worked out the user-friendly user interface specifically for such a training website. The requirement was typical FOR SUCH AN EDUCATIVE WEB SITE.

Secondly, what students exactly looking for in the site contents? In which convenient ways? These were the real challenges along with UI improvement needs. We conceptualize upon study the real core FAQs – frequently Asked Questions on such a site by the student and provided some good genuine FAQs. These were the real core issues for this project’s success with SEO ranking, as well. 

The Client expectations will be fulfilled only upon receiving local level enquires as well as national level course inquiries on-site contents base only. So, by networking the site on various domains authorized Sites, forums, groups, etc. We had done it for some months very effectively to give desired search and inquiry results for the client.

END Results

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Organic Traffic

Kausal Vikash
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Kausal Vikash

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