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Movinnza is a reliable, efficient and pioneering digital marketing agency. Our primary aim is to provide the best services to cater to the specific needs of our clients.

We believe in providing quality services to our clients at the best price. Movinnza has been a highly trusted partner of an array of clients since 2016. With our clients’ interest always at the forefront, we have been successful in establishing productive long-term relationships with the companies we work with.

Shailendra Kadulkar

Shailendra Kadulkar

Founder and CEO

Shailendra Kadulkar is the founder of Movinnza, a Pune-based custom web development, SEO, SMO, online reputation management, e-commerce solutions, and mobile app development company. He is also the originator of the Mumbai-freelancer blog, which was intended to raise awareness about SEO consulting among SEO freelancers. Web development, e-commerce, and SEO are among his specialties. He specializes in dealing with a variety of marketing platforms as well as providing assistance on how to deal with any changes that may occur.

Shailendra has more than 16 years of expertise in the sector, with time spent working for MNCs. With Movinnza, Shailendra Kadulkar intends to help businesses of all sizes and from all industries build a strong digital presence in light of the growing need for digitalization in every area of every industry. He is ready to make this transition happen by providing organic SEO services and custom site construction.

Our Secret To Success

Analyzing-Your-Requirements Relevance

At Movinnza, we believe that any entity directly or indirectly involved with digital marketing needs to be relevant at all times. Once you are outdated, you are out of the market!

All the services we provide are updated on a regular basis to be in sync with the current technology and trends in the digital market. We help our clients to always stay ahead of the curve and in tune with the times.

Developing The-Web-Application Reliability

No professional relationship can prosper and sustain without reliability. Movinnza immensely values the trust bestowed by the clients and does its best to maintain their faith.

Creating-The-Design Focus On Keywords

When it comes to digital marketing, there is rarely any aspect or tool more important than keywords. Keywords are the yardsticks that help your current and potential customers to locate you on the internet and discover your business.

We believe in having substantial focus on keywords for all the services we provide. It is these words and phrases that are going to get you the traction you are looking for!

QA-Testing-And-Deployment Creative Approach

We have never believed in going ahead with the first thoughts. All the employees and executives at Movinnza are encouraged to think out of the box, break the monotony of thoughts and come up with innovative ideas.

This is what makes work fun and gets you scalable results!

Maintenance Transparency

If you are bestowing your trust on us for availing our services, we value that by having utmost transparency for the same. Movinnza believes in keeping the clients in loop at all stages for all the services provided.

You can rest assured that you would not miss the smallest of details with regards to your projects.

Our Vision

Movinnza believes in riding the wave of digital marketing and making the most of it. Our vision is to see all our clients create their own niche in their respective markets and prosper in their respective industries through our services.

We aspire to be of help to each of our clients to adopt the best of digital marketing practices and utilize them to stand out of the clutter and have an impeccable brand value in the market.

Our Mission

The core mission of Movinnza is to leverage the marketing activities carried out in the society and ultimately make people live a better life.

All our services are aimed at making digital marketing a familiar field for all businesses, irrespective of their scale, the use of which would benefit every single entity involved with the enterprise.

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