Refund Policy

Along with providing our client with highly personalized and efficient services, Movinnza has established a considerate and wholesome refund and cancellation policy for its services.

The executives at Movinnza plan every work project by dividing it into different segments, each of which is handled on an individual basis for more efficiency.

All our projects start with a thorough analysis of the goals, objectives, needs and the clients themselves. This is the segment that facilitates both the parties to understand each other and ensure they are on the same page.

This stage also eliminates the chances of future reversals, disputes or cancellations pertaining to the project. This way, every segment or stage involved in a project is dedicated to moving a little further with work and providing our services.

As sufficient amount of time and effort goes into completing each of the aforementioned stages for a project, it is not feasible to provide refund for the work already completed.

If a project is terminated on mutual consent, the client will have al control over the work already completed and all the payment for the pending work will become void. However, no payment or deposit made for the completed work will be refunded.

Please note that no refund will be made after the client has approved the mock-up designs and we have already moved into the development phase. Once our resources are already employed for the development purposes, providing refund will not be a feasible option for us.

If the client asks to terminate a project mid-way through a specific stage or segment as mentioned above, no refund will be provided for the same.

It is also important to note that Movinnza does not entertain cancellations on the services offered by the marketing team on special occasions. Most of these services are limited time offers and do not qualify for refunds.

All search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing packages are not refundable once the client has made the payment and the project has started. However, you can cancel the service by sending a clear written notice to Movinnza 30 days in advance.

Movinnza does not provide refunds on deposits or payments made for projects that have been lying dormant or have been abandoned for more than 30 days.

If you are willing to stop availing our services by cancelling them, refer to the following terms:

Privacy PolicyAll cancellation requests are to be sent to our billing department or communicated to your Account Manager. Movinnza will not deem your cancellation valid until it has been approved by the concerned department.

Privacy PolicyAll cancellation requests will only be considered when they are made in not more than 12 hours of placing the order of execution for a concerned project, provided the project has not started yet.

Privacy PolicyMovinnza will not be responsible for the cancellation of services availed from third party providers linked on its website. It is advisable to read their Refund and Cancellation Policy to stop availing their services.

If you are willing to avail all these services for your business,
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