SEO for Wedding Venues

Our SEO Strategy Maximizes Traffic and Visibility for a Leading Wedding Venue Services Provider.

70% increase in Organic Traffic per month, 1093 page views per month, and 23.5k impressions per month. 90% of targeted keywords for Wedding Venue are ranking in SERP out of which 80% are ranking on the first page of Google SERP.


Details of the Project :

Pawar Agro Resort is one of the most affordable wedding resorts in Hadapsar, Pune. Ideal for weddings, one-day picnics, corporate events, hurda parties, and family gatherings. Blow your head with sporting activities, and rest the ultimate way in a serene, tranquil, and trouble-free environment.


Requirements and Difficulties :

This client is a very professional client from the wedding resort niche. They expect a healthy viewership of their website and work profile by a purely genuine traffic/ target audience looking for wedding resort in pune, hurda party, picnic spot near pune. This requires a good organic search volume and Domain authority in Google search i.e. SERP. This Client’s Site needs good exposure for brand awareness and branding. At the same time, the Site has to be useful and reachable to all potential buyers in a proper way of a site.

The site expectation on a content level and design level was a real need for complete detailed information of all service pages, details – service-wise images and packages data required. Also the url structure of website and blog need an improvement. The client always expects a good volume of search form pune and its near locations. Here, the client’s only need here was to highlight all their services and offers to be displayed in realistic ways to their Selling sources i.e. market audiences. The search page result must be high among all the competitors in the niche.

Summary of Success :

The client is always concerned with providing high-quality, premium packages at a reasonable price to targeted customers. In just 8 months, our data-driven SEO approach and content marketing strategy resulted in a 10x increase in daily organic traffic.

Website’s search engine rankings improved significantly for the target keywords, with several keywords moving from page 3 or 4 of the search results to page 1 or 2

Summary of success

Our key conclusions –

By carefully reviewing its competitors and checking their websites for the targeted keywords, we found that:

  1. Have to do proper keyword research and focus on high volume keyword.
  2. High authority pages ranking on 1st page.
  3. Also our competitators have quality link that we don’t have
  4. Our client site does not have proper on-page optimization
  5. Found that need to update robots.txt file and sitemap
  6. Also need to do proper content gap analysis
  7. Need to focus on content strategy.
  8. Also have to focus on technical seo.
  9. Website does not have footer.
  10. Our client site speed is very poor.
  11. Found that Our client site does not showcasing client reviews.


Utilised Resources And Tools –

Based on our findings, we used the following tools during the execution process.

Ahrefs – Competitor Analysis, Keyword research

Buzzsumo – Topic research

Grammarly- checks grammar, spelling, plagiarism

Copyscape- Detecting Plagiarism

Kwfinder- Keyword research

Google Analytics – Website Traffic analysis

Google Webmasters  – Website Health Checkup and Crawlability Analysis

Seranking- Keyword research, On-Page SEO Checker, Search Volume Checker, Traffic Analysis, Page Changes Monitoring

YAMM -  To send 50 mails daily for outreach.

GT Metrix -  To Monitor Page performance.

Screaming Frog – To improve onsite SEO by auditing for common SEO issues


Putting the plan into action –

We had a joint meeting with our clients and convince them about the Site ranking methods and approaches – which will be benefitted in their case. We decided to work on the basic Keyword research and analysis for all the services to Pune location. We did competitor research in-depth in this as well as customer inputs for the market behavioral study.

We work on all services keywords categories separately. We study them especially we jotted a plan for the ranking of the keyword  ‘Wedding Resort in Pune” for the wedding venue page of this client. We worked out the ranking strategy for the same with effective guest posting, Blogs and Local business directory submission, local listings, social bookmarking techniques, etc. we also submitted the client site profile on sites like wedding venue listing sites. Also suggest client that we can display google reviews on website. In some months, we received a very good result of search entries and a lead with the company via this SEO Strategy. It was a challenging SEO task in this project. We do proper topic research for the blog.

In our second type of approach, we had done properly on-site page optimization with a proper content strategy design for the site contents and effective SEO ranking of the website. With it, we have also done a lot of local site listings, Directory submission on the local market level to generate a bunch of local enquires. The Client expectations will be fulfilled only upon receiving inquiries from the local & global customer. So, by networking the site on various domains authorized Sites, forums, groups, etc. We had done it for some months very effectively to give desired search and inquiry results for the client.

Content and Topical Appropriateness

According to our research, service packages on websites don't provide the descriptive information for the target audience. We choose to concentrate on content strategies because our competitor has strong web content, which helps them rank on Google.


Creating authority and doing keyword research

The client want to become Best weeding resort in pune. So, our primary responsibility is to develop site authority. To Do This link building, outreach are key points.

Also we focused on extensive keyword research, we group high volume and low difficulty keywords for high conversion.


On-Page Actions

  1. On priority we have updated title description.
  2. Integrate Relevant Keywords Into Your Pages
  3. Also we have checked all on page parameters like h1, h2, url structure, canonical tag, robots.txt file and sitemap and update it.
  4. Also we solve technical issues. Improve Site Load Time
  5. Added new web content in packages pages.
  6. Some service pages and blog pages are not crawled so we submitted them for crawling.
  7. Optimize blog page and interlink with website.


Working Strategy

  1. Complete analysis of website
  2. UI optimisation for the website
  3. SSL implementation to increase website security
  4. SE Ranking and Screaming Frog were used to conduct a technical audit of our website.
  5. Image Alt tags have been optimised.
  6. Optimization of internal hyperlinks
  7. Improving site speed and making site responsive
  8. cannibalization issue resolve
  9. Making HTTP to HTTPS redirects work.
  10.  Proper meta tag updated
  11. Also submitted pages for indexing
  12. Robots.txt File created.
  13. GA4 account creation.
  14.  Sumitted updated sitemap.
  15.  Checking google webmaster report and resolve issues.


Site-Specific Content Improvement (EAT-YMYL Concept)

We strictly adhere to Google's EAT guidelines and understand how relevant content is for the user.

Our content was written by recognised Industry Experts and a large Blogger Network with the credibility to build user trust.

Because of this, we observed a significant increase in our organic rankings for our priority keywords, and as a result, our Organic Visitor Flow skyrocketed.

  1. We have added service keywords in meta tags.
  2. Updated in content in service pages.
  3. Also work on blog section to give interesting content to customer.


Activities Off-Page to Improve Rankings

Off-page SEO will increase your website's visibility by increasing its popularity online. With the on-page techniques, we can achieve search engine visibility. However, off-page SEO techniques will help improve your website's position in search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • Local business listing
  • Profile creation
  • Social bookmarking
  • Quora answers submission
  • Blog submission
  • Article and guest post submission
  • Link replication
  • Press release
  • Web 2.0
  • Ppt and pdf submission

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SEO for Wedding Venues
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SEO for Wedding Venues

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