Get 200% More Traffic Through Awesome Content Ideas And Simple Keywords
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Get 200% More Traffic Through Awesome Content Ideas And Simple Keywords

If you are finding it difficult to think of awesome content ideas and not able to rank high on the Google search result page then just read this post to get answers to all your questions.

If you have read our last post you must be aware that we discussed certain strategies that should be followed in order to grow your blog and get huge traffic consistently for a longer period of time.
Apart from these strategies, there is a very well known technique which some bloggers use to drive around 2500 visitors per day to their blogs. Do you know what it is? Well… Creating Viral Content Online.

Viral Content

Awesome content ideas

Viral content means that content which is shared very rapidly among readers using different web platforms. This can do wonders for your digital marketing projects and also help you skyrocket your rank on Google. But the sad part is that most of the people just don’t know how to do all this. Generally, people take viral contents to be the bad contents or the ones which are not meant for everyone. But on the contrary, they don’t have the idea that even good and positive contents can also go viral. Only you have to follow the correct guidelines. So today we will be talking about how you can create positive content viral and rank your website on the top in the search engine result page.

Advantages Of Creating Viral Content

1. Get Positive Responses

You will be really amazed to see the number of people who respond very positively to your content and appreciate your sincere hard work.

2. Redirect this increased traffic to your other blogs easily

After your content has gone viral, as a result, you can get huge traffic to your content. Now, you can very easily and tactfully redirect this traffic to your other posts provided they all are good and useful. This way your other content will also benefit from this viral post.

3. Gives great networking opportunities

You can utilize this opportunity to personally connect with individuals who have shown interest in your content. Don’t connect with everyone. Instead, choose people from your area of interest to connect. This will be beneficial for you.

Disadvantages Of Going Viral 

1. Greed to do again 

If once you have successfully created a viral content, this doesn’t mean that every time you will be able to do it. But we intend to do it again and again. This results in greed and wastage of time on trying out ways to do it. We are so engrossed in the process that we intend to ignore the quality of our content. We start promoting bad content which tends to tarnish the reputation of our brand among our readers. Hence, we should always remember to maintain the quality of the contents being promoted by us.

2. Wasting time in too much networking

The process of creating connections personally is very time-consuming. You may end up doing all this throughout the day and not getting enough time to write new contents. So you must always create a balance between networking and writing contents.

Steps To Create Viral Content

1. Write on topics that people are currently reading

Go to Google and type Google.com/trends. Then type your keywords. You will find a whole list of topics that are popular and are going viral. You will get an idea of what topics you can write about.

2. Create high –quality viral content

If you want your content to be shared by people madly, then your content should be extraordinarily good. It should be useful for the reader. Generally, 3 types of contents get shared the most i.e

  1. Knowledge content
  2. Emotional/ Motivational content
  3. Comic content.

So if your content lies in any of these 3 categories, then it has a higher chance of being shared by people across different platforms.

3. Do great SEO for the content to go viral

According to research, 46% of businesses are not able to create compelling content. So here SEO comes as a solution. In these situations, SEO helps in driving more traffic to these contents and making them go viral.

4. Share your Content 

You can share your content through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Slack, etc. There are different social media marketing strategy tools available that we can utilize to share on multiple platforms. We should remember that social media is not just for driving traffic and getting clicks, but for a lot more than that. It gives us a chance to connect ourselves with our customers and helps us in making our brand memorable. In order to avoid being accused of plagiarism, you should utilise the best plagiarism checker available. Once this is done automatically our content will also get more and more shared and get viral.

Once you start getting visitors regularly to your website/blog, you should focus on converting these visitors into subscribers through various technical and psychological tricks.

How To Get Great Content Ideas?

Awesome content marketing tips

This is the most important question because often we sit with pen and paper or laptop but get completely blank and cannot think of a single word to write. Each and every content writer goes through this terrifying situation at some point of time in his/her life.
So to combat this situation, we have come up with some self-tested techniques which are very fruitful.

These are :

1. Note down the ideas in a file 

There is no special time for good ideas to crop up. So, whenever an idea comes to you, just write it down in a file or excel sheet. Don’t start judging whether the idea is good or bad at this point of time. This can be done afterward. You just keep writing the ideas. Keep this file handy so that you can reach it whenever an idea comes from your head. This way you will get a whole list of ideas to choose from, in one place.

2. Get an idea from the ongoing trend 

You can always find out what is being discussed online or the hot topic of the day. If you write on the same topic what other people are searching for and reading, then be sure that your blog will be a hit.

You can get an idea about which topics are in trend currently through the following:

  • Google trends
    This will tell you what people have been searching for online in recent times.
  • Twitter
    This will give you an idea of the topics on which people are tweeting and discussing.
  • Quora
    Here you will find the questions that people are asking or are curious about.

3. Get the help of internet

You can check out on the internet for a list of some awesome blog ideas posted by other fellow bloggers.

For example:

  • The blog post topic generator (Hubspot)
  • 32 of the most popular blog –post ideas (The blog stylist)
  • Blog post prompt and ideas (Pinterest)

4. Read other blogs 

This will give you an idea of what other bloggers are writing. You can always get inspired by the success that they have achieved. Don’t copy their content but you can enhance your blog by reading their content and drawing inspiration from them.

5. Ask your readers

You can get good ideas by reading your comments section. Here ask your readers what they would like to read about more often. See what questions are being asked by them. Your content can be an answer to their questions. This is also a great way to connect with your audience.

6. Study the online communities of your niche

Find out online forums in your niche. Study them and see what others are talking about. You will get an idea of what is the most talked about topic in your niche currently. You can always write on those topics.

You can also get ideas from online communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit because you never know great content ideas can come from anywhere.

7. Generate Keyword Ideas

A good keyword idea will automatically give you a great topic to write. You can generate keywords using keyword search tools like:

  • Google keyword planner
  • Answer the public
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keywordshitter

How to analyze your keyword for ranking difficulty and find its potential to drive traffic to your website?

SEO Company in Pune

Once you have made a list of keywords for your content, the next big question that comes to one’s mind is how to rank it on Google. In order to do so, you have to first analyze your keyword and find its ranking difficulty.

You can follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Keyword Research

It is one of the most important, valuable and high returns on investment activity in the field of blogging. Your decision of ranking for a particular keyword can either make your website an instant hit or can even ruin it. Getting visitors to your site is not enough. You have to get the right kind of visitors to your website. For this, you have to target the correct keyword and try to rank it on Google.

2. Type These Keywords On Search Engines Like Google

This will show you the websites that have already ranked high for this keyword. You will also get an idea of the competition that you have to face in order to rank your website for the same keyword. If there are search advertisements running on the top or right-hand side of the organic search result means that it is a high-value keyword that has a high rate of conversion.

3. Buy A Sample Campaign At Google Adwords

You can buy ‘test traffic’ to see how well your keyword is able to convert traffic to your website. You can choose “Exact Match” in Google AdWords and point the traffic to your website. Now track the impression and conversion rate. This will tell you how well your chosen keyword is doing.

4. Use Long-Tail Keywords For Great Results

You will be astonished to see the impact of Long-Tail Keywords on your website. You will start getting more and better traffic to your blog or website. Long-Tail Keywords are keywords made up of 2-3 words and are more specific than a normal search keyword. For example :

  • Television ( Normal Keyword)
  • 32” LED Television ( Long-Tail Keyword)

Long-Tail Keywords often convert visitors to customers better because the person searching it is very specific and already interested in the product. Here the total number of searches may be less but the rate of conversion will be high.

5. Find Keyword Ranking Difficulty

If your competitors have already taken the top 10 positions in the search results then you should think of finding a keyword with less competition and try to rank it. Therefore it is important to understand keyword ranking difficulty if you want to know which keywords you should target.

6. Study your competitors

You can perform a website keyword analysis on your competitors. By doing this you will be able to see how well other sites are doing and what are the keywords on which they are ranking. Thus you can closely monitor your SEO strategies and fight the competition.

If you don’t know your competitors then you can find them using the Audience Overlap Tool. It will produce a list of similar websites that share the same audience as that of the target site. (Here put the name of your site as the target site.) Once you have found your competitors, start studying them, their strategies, their contents, etc. Do the research and then try to beat them at it.

7. Find A Keyword With Less Competition

After spending some time in evaluating keyword competition, you can actually find keywords which get high search volumes and have almost no competition. This means that you will need less content, fewer links, and less SEO to rank on top in the search engine’s result page. You can use WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool to get hundreds of keyword results relevant to your industry. Each keyword will have a competition score, on the basis of which you can decide which keyword to choose and which to replace.

8. Prioritize Your List Of Keywords

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There may be many keywords which can drive a huge volume of traffic to your website or blog. But they may not generate business opportunity because they are not able to convert the visitors into customers. This is so because not every visitor is a prospective customer. This conversion ratio is less and hence less business. So we should prioritize our keyword to enable more specific searches which have more conversion rates. Here Long-Tail Keywords play a very important role because they are more specific in nature as we discussed previously.


As you read in the blog that there are several tools and tricks that can help you to find more and more keywords as well as awesome content ideas. If you are just a little attentive to the world and its people around you, then you will be showered with an abundance of ideas and topics to write about.
Hope our tips on how to analyze your keyword and find its ranking difficulty will help you while writing your next content blog.
See you in the next post where we will discuss the following two topics.

They are:

  1. Optimizing Your Article/Blog
  2. Creating Self Promoting Content

Till then see you, happy reading and write great content!!!


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