Library Management Software


Library-Management software will give you the information on all the books available in the library. We are trying to develop a Library Management System which will provide lots of facilities to our Client. The Library Management System will provide an environment that facilitates Admin & user easy to access the library information. The aim of this project is to help our Client, the Library administrator to access our library in a computerized way. We found that if our Library Management system is computerized then it will be very easy to search any book. It saves our time and our total Library Management system become very easy.


This is software built up in 1 individual panel. User and admin both can login but the User can only view the webpage. Which are developed in Codeigniter PHP. One is the website and another one is an admin panel for their staff. The PHP coding is completely minified in a simplified manner as well as the CSS and js are minified and encrypted.

Module List - Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Master(Book)
    • Book Category
    • Author
    • Publisher
    • Donor Seller
    • Books
    • Issued Book
    • Membership
  • Manage
    • Manage Website
    • Edit Website
  • Administrator
    • View administrator panel
    • Edit Details
    • Add user
  • Master
    • List Of Values
    • Manage Country
      • Add New Country
      • Edit Country
    • Manage cities (master)
      • Manage cities (master)
      • Edit City


1. Compare to previous software this software is very fast and efficient.

2. It helps in maintaining records. One can track any information through this system. It increases efficiency.

3. Free From Errors: library management system is powerful, user-friendly, as well as developed for simple entry of the data, making the library operations totally free from any error.

4. Completely Customizable Library management system is completely adaptable and customizable to the needs of the educational Library for providing fast and reliable data.

5. Get Easy Access: It is easy to do a library audit at any time as records are maintained by highly efficient software and are accessible very easily.

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