Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic
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Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic

There’s nothing to be surprised by when a newly hosted YouTube channel strives to get a single like. You’re just at the start after all. However, this may not seem so fine if the same continues.

YouTube does more than 3 billion searches per month and has been recognized as the world’s second most popular search engine. There are about 100 hours of video uploads every minute. Every time you upload a video they are is someone in some corner of the world, searching for your video.

But then if you’re videos still lag behind in views and fail to reach an optimum audience, sit would probably question the efforts you put in. It’s time to drive traffic to the YouTube channel with the best youtube video ideas.

The fact that YouTube is one of the strongest platforms for video marketing is undeniable. But most experienced YouTubers may know that it needs to be handled with care and absolute smartness to make the presence of your videos count.

Now, how to really achieve it; remains to be a major interrogation. Well, this discussion is of course all about it.

Before we actually start…

Before diving into the deep sea of YouTube SEO, let’s have a look at the elements that YouTube uses as ranking factors. Considering the actual algorithm is of great importance to attain the results you’ve wanted. Here are some points with respect to the concept:

 Title tag information
 Keywords in the description tag
 Audience retention
 Video length
 Likes and dislikes
 Subscribers after watching

However, even these elements seem to be connected to various other factors. Advanced tactics for YouTube SEO would help you better than anything to acquire the goal.

Some Advanced YouTube SEO Tactics

Rather than creating and being a part of the rat race, it is much better to follow some smart tactics that hit up to the mark. This will not only save you’re time but will also let you grab the best success insights. Have a look at these points:

#1 Video Description – Keep it informative

Whether you consider, Google, YouTube, or any other search engines, none of them have enough time to rank your videos by watching them. In that case, the video description is where they would actually focus. The description helps search engines to analyze the published content in the video.
This indicates the requirement of writing lengthy and informative video descriptions that can help search engines to recognize the content in your videos. Lengthy descriptions tend to get better rankings.

Moreover, it is also important that you focus on making the description informative. Well, the use of the most appropriate long-tail keywords is also involved in this so that search engines are able to get the point easily. The description would add length to you’re video certainly getting better rankings.

For example, consider the below description of a programming tutorial video:

advanced you tube

There is a proper, brief description of the concepts which indicates clearly what the video is all about. Also:

Brief description

Timestamps make the video easy to handle for the viewer and increase the length of the description too. The name of the lessons cover most of the effective keywords hence, the video would be easily highlighted to the search engines.

#2 Including “Video Keywords”

Obtaining a position among the highest-rankers on YouTube is one aspect to consider and optimizing the same for the best possible rankings is different. Apart from the highest, you would surely prefer getting the best ranks. Isn’t that great?
Well, including video keywords would let you attain an even more defined edge on SERPs, subsequently increasing traffic.

Further, there are many more ways in which keywords would help you.

As per the updated performances, YouTube transcribes your videos automatically. Also, studies and expert advice indicate that keywords would help things better by clarifying what the content is all about.

It’s often suggestible to opt for keywords and tags that have the highest volumes and least competition. Especially, when you are handling a page with fewer subscribers and likes, this is something you should surely consider.

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#3 Finding the right keywords for YouTube videos

Now, while coming up with the most important keywords, it’s important to make out what words are used more by the searchers to find a specific video. How can you really do this?

The Autocomplete feature of YouTube is a great way out of it. You may have noticed that YouTube suggests keywords to you when you are looking for some videos. All possible searched terms are listed down before you actually type the entire word.

The best part about this feature is that it lists down the most popular searched terms related to the word you typed. Therefore, it will show you only popular keywords. Most of these are long-tail keywords and there would be less competition for them.

You tube videos

Like the above example illustrates a search done for “cute dogs”. Before the search is actually complete, the search query suggests the most popular search terms of a similar type.

A Proper Keyword Search

Searching for the most appropriate keywords individually and manually would turn out to be a very long procedure. You obviously need something that can work faster and straightforward. In this case, using a keyword tool is the best thing you may do.

It would list down hundreds of variations of the keyword you’ve searched within a few seconds. There are many different tools out there. You may pick the best one and search for the most appropriate keywords to be listed with your videos. Moreover, selecting the right ones from the list is still up to you’re decisions. Therefore, select keywords smartly.

#4 Join Online Communities, Encourage Linking and Subscribing

You need to promote your videos well enough. Sharing could be the best way to gain considerable web and video traffic. There is no scope for using backlinking YouTube. Therefore most of the pressure for better ranking shifts to the user experience signals.

Likes and subscribers are probably the most important ways of recognizing this. Encouraging the viewers to like your videos and subscribing to your channel is something that would help you the most. When you have enough likes and subscriptions, the search engine is notified that your video boasts something really effective.

Sharing videos among online communities is an effective trick you can utilize. This would easily increase the reach of you’re YouTube page and videos. Involving some call to action at the end of the video would be great. Consider the example below:

you tube seo

There are some more URLs in the description navigating the viewers to other videos and links. This can help you increase traffic for more of your videos.

#5 Organize your channel with keyword-rich playlists

Leaving your YouTube channel unorganized and messy could be a big mistake from your side. Do not forget to organize your videos. Also, focus on setting up you are a playlist with the most appropriate keyword.

Creating a playlist and organizing it wonderfully can be one of the best ways to attract viewers in the first instance. A keyword-rich playlist would give the search engine a better view of the topic of your video and the channel too. This will also let you handle things in a much clearer way.

For example, consider the one below:

keyword rich playlists

All the videos in the playlist seem to be trending and organized well. A clean playlist is something that all viewers would want from your channel.

#6 Selecting the right content

It is further important that you upload the right and the most wanted content via you’re channel. You can utilize Google Trends to make out what would be the best pick and would keep up the popularity and its place in the topmost search queries across various languages and regions.

you tube

You can check some of the popular uploads from the competitors’ channels. You may create similar content with some more uniqueness. Also, when videos are considered you should consider topics that people would like to watch instead of reading.
Moreover, you would bring up things in the right order if you move according to the points mentioned before. People here would always be desperate to get the best possible information here.

Rather than beating around the bushes, sit is always better to look for the correct practices and tactics and then expect the best possible results. When you want to drive traffic to the YouTube channel, the ones mentioned above would surely make a difference.


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