10 Ways To Ace Link Bait Content
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10 Ways To Ace Link Bait Content

In the world of SEO, nothing is permanent and keeps changing constantly. There are several ways of promoting your content, products, services, and web resources. For SEO to succeed, you need expertise in these practices.

Link bait is an SEO method to generate backlinks for your content, such as a blog. These backlinks come from external sources, which can be other websites or social media. If you manage to get backlinks from high-quality websites, your search rankings will go North.

Link bait content has to be created very judiciously and shared at the right place and at the right time. There are multiple types of link bait content.

In this blog, we will discuss ten ways to use link-bait content to your advantage.

10 Strategies for Link Bait Content

Link bait content is designed to attract backlinks from authoritative resources, and there are multiple ways in which this goal can be achieved. You can use a combination of the ten strategies mentioned below to create link-bait content.

#1 Statistics

People are always looking for statistics on any domain, and if you can provide them with dependable statistics, they will become your fans.

You can conduct your own research online using Google Forms and collect a lot of responses. Using statistical tools, you can analyze these responses and get the findings of your research.

You can put these findings in an online post, which will contain text, images, and infographics. If done correctly, you can get a lot of backlinks to your post from various sources.

#2 Niche Content

If you can generate content on niche topics that are not taken up so frequently, you can get a lot of backlinks. You can write on nuances of a particular industry. A detailed review of a product can get you a large number of backlinks.

This is true because other experts in the niche will cite your post in their content. They will do this because it will be useful to their target audience.

Bloggers love to link to statistical data. You don’t necessarily have to create an article full of data but rather one piece of data derived from original research.

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#3 How-to Guides

People are looking for solutions on the internet, and if you can provide them with how-to guides or manuals, they will be more than happy. For example, you can write a post on, How to lose 10 kgs in 3 months?

You will get a lot of traffic from other websites that are posting on health-related topics. But your post has to be authentic and should be really helpful.

Nowadays, useful content is not easy to find, and netizens suffer from information overload. Hence, create a high-quality guide and get a lot of backlinks from external sources.

#4 Top 10 Lists

If people want to buy something, let’s say, a mobile phone the person will try to find the top 10 list of phones which are in their budget range. They will go through the post, reading about all the products on the list. Finally, they will arrive at a decision on which one to buy.

Other content creators who are working on the same category of products/services will backlink to your authoritative Top 10 list.

Along with this, companies or individuals who are listed on this look at these listings as honor and social proof. As a result, they often refer to these lists in their content and thus provide backlinks.

However, there is a catch. If you create a list of products or people who are already there on other such lists, you may not get the backlinks. So, try to include some products or people which are out of the box.

#5 Attract Visually

Netizens' attention span is decreasing by the day, and the majority of them do not like to read long texts. If you can provide them with what they are looking for in the form of a video, infographics, or images, they will prefer you over other text-rich posts.

Other blog writers, who do not have those videos, will include your link in their posts to drive home their point.

Visual content attracts a lot more attention than any other type of content. It is also a vital part of content marketing and link building.

If the audience is attracted by visuals, they may even read the text written alongside and share it as well.

#6 Just-in-Time

If you cover a product launch and are the first one to do so, you will attract a lot of backlinks. Everyone who posts subsequently will not be able to repeat what you have already said and would rather link back.

However, this type of linkbait content also has some disadvantages. Timely content is not evergreen and will not attract too many audiences once the hype for it is over. If you fail to attract the backlinks within a short period of time, then this content will not be of much use later.

So, there is a risk-return tradeoff in this case, but if done correctly, you can get a lot of backlinks.

#7 Ego

People like to get their egos stroked, and winning an award and being praised for sharing their expertise is thrilling for them.

This type of content is specifically created to get noticed by industry influencers and famous personalities.

This type of content can include:

  • An award that highlights influencers or top websites in a specific industry
  • List of best websites in a niche
  • Article with advice from an industry expert

There can be several creative ways to create ego-bait content, but you have to be respectful and should not nag anyone. You don't want to annoy the influencers who may give it a much-needed thumbs up.

There is no guarantee that you will get backlinks, even if the article is excellent.

#8 Focus on Value

This can be used if your domain is more corporate and does not allow you to create emotional content. Hence, you focus on usefulness and value instead. Audiences need authentic information, manuals, and posts that can resolve their problems.

Value-based content can be Beginner’s Guide, Tutorials, Statistics, or a Case Study.

If you use information from other sources, don’t forget to link to them. Similarly, if others use your data or information, they will also link back to you.

#9 Use Social Media

Social Media platforms have great reach and are popular across age groups. You can share your content on social media by inserting links in your posts. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are ideal for sharing content.

Audiences who like your content will repost it or share the link in their posts. This way, you can get a lot of backlinks to your content.

However, you need to ensure that the content you share on social media is authentic and provides value to the audience.

Social media platforms are an important component of content planning and digital marketing. Digital Marketing Company Pune is the greatest option for increasing the performance of your content through social media.

#10 Incentivize

You can offer incentives to people to link to your content. The incentives can be in the form of discount coupons or exclusive access to premium articles or blog posts.

This way, you can generate many backlinks to your content. Although, you will lose some revenue that you could have generated from that content. This strategy is useful only for individuals or firms with deep pockets.

Advantages of Link Baits

Link Bait content is not easy to create and requires a lot of planning and execution. Although, if done correctly, it also offers several advantages.

#1 Brand Equity

Your Brand Equity gets a boost when other authoritative websites link back to you. This increases your credibility and improves your chances of getting more leads and conversions.

#2 Connections

As you get higher rankings in the search results, your potential business partners and customers can easily find you, and this helps in business networking.

#3 Traffic Spike

Although it may take some time before you build connections within your domain, you will almost instantly get a traffic spike because of the backlinks you have generated with your content.

#4 Improves Reach

As you get more traffic and your content becomes popular, you will be able to reach an audience who were not part of your initial target.

This will help in growing your business and generating more revenue.

Wrapping Up..

You have to decide which strategies you need to use to get maximum backlinks. Everything depends on what your products/services are and who your target audience is. The end goal is always to get more traffic to your website and get more leads and conversions. With the help of a SEO Company India, you can achieve the desired results quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

It is not easy to attract an audience these days as thousands of competitors are in almost every domain. Link baiting is an SEO technique, and it can catapult your website to the top of search results.

So, what are you waiting for? Starting creating link bait content!




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