Link Exchange: The Best Way To Get High Quality Links In Less Time And Price
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Link Exchange: The Best Way To Get High Quality Links In Less Time And Price

Link building has occupied its position as one of the most important SEO tactics since the domain came into being. Almost all websites occupying high ranks on Google receive multiple backlinks to increase their authority on the internet. If you want to climb the search engine ladder, you cannot ignore building quality links.

However, link building is not that simple anymore. People have started questioning its authenticity, making it important for businesses to adhere to quality link building supported by Google’s algorithm.

Link exchange is an integral part of off-page SEO and gives businesses the push they need to go up the search engine results pages (SERPs). It allows you to get quality links in less time and at cheaper rates.

So, what is link exchange in SEO?

Let us find out!

What Is Link Exchange In SEO?

As far as the definition goes, link exchange means what it sounds like. It is the process of exchanging links with other websites on the internet. Here, you can add a specific website’s link in your content and have them use your link in theirs.

Exchanging links builds authority for both parties involved. It acts as a vote of confidence in the websites, considering their legitimacy. In simple words, link exchange increases your website’s credibility. Having more quality backlinks on your website means that Google considers your site more credible. While indexing your site on the SERPs, Google assesses the backlinks therein for authentication.

Along with increasing your website’s authority, link exchange helps you promote your products or services via quality sites.

There are different ways in which you can exchange links and climb the search engine ladder, namely white hat, gray hat, and black hat techniques. If you want to stay away from Google’s penalties, it is better to stick to white hat link exchange.

Types Of Link Exchanges

Apart from white, gray, and black hat techniques, there are different link exchange schemes you can opt for.

Here are the most common ways in which you can exchange links to leverage your SEO campaign:

One-way Link Exchange

This form of link exchange does not involve both parties sharing each other’s links. Here, your site may receive backlinks from one or more other sites without you adding relevant links to your content. One-way link exchange is common for websites to share valuable information that is helpful for other sites. For example, if you have published a well-researched industry report, other sites may quote it without you needing to give them backlinks in return.

Reciprocal Link Exchange

As the name suggests, this form of link exchange involves two parties swapping links. While you incorporate a website’s link in your content, the concerned website does the same for you.

However, reciprocal link exchange is not as simple as it looks.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines do not acknowledge the unnatural exchange of links. Your website will gain authority through link building only if the exchange is organic. For this, it is important for both websites to vouch for each other’s expertise and appreciate the content shared by them.

Google will index your site high only if the links you exchange are genuine and add value to the readers visiting your website. If done right, reciprocal link exchange can lead to a significant improvement in your SERP rankings.

Three-way Link Exchange

Also known as ABC linking, three-way link exchange is an indirect form of link building. Businesses perform such exchanges to hide link exchange footprints. Here, two parties exchange links while keeping a third entity as a mediator.

Let’s say the parties involved are A, B, and C. In a three-way link exchange, A will give a one-way link to B and B will give such a link to C. Despite being different from reciprocal link exchange, this arrangement gives backlinks to two target websites.

A three-way link exchange works best when at least two of the three websites have high-quality and relevant content to generate authoritative backlinks.

Private Influencer Networks

Private influencer networks (PIN) are often considered the future of link building. Here, four or more websites form a network to share each other’s backlinks organically.

Parties involved in such an arrangement create an advanced link exchange network in a way that no two websites keep sharing each other’s links excessively. This increases the organic nature of link exchange, making all parties benefit from the same.

Important Considerations Before Performing Link Exchange

Link exchange is an effective SEO tool only if used the right way. If you are new to the domain, you should know that not all links give you the authority you need.

Here are three of the most important factors you should consider before going ahead with link exchange:

Reputation And Authority

Before anything else, assess your link exchange partner’s authority and reputation. Here are a few ideal metrics that denote a quality site to share your link with:

  • High-quality link profile
  • A domain rating (DR) of 40 or more
  • A trust flow over 10
  • Minimum 5,000 monthly visitors
  • Outbound link ratio less than 2


When Google bots crawl your website and look for backlinks, they prioritize the end-user experience. Ensure that the link you add to your content is relevant and in sync with your website. Random and unrelated links will not do you any good.

Placement Of Your Link

Where you place a backlink also influences Google’s assessment of your website. It is important to place a link strategically at a location where it helps visitors get the right information and enhances their experience. Also, ensure that the anchor texts you use are in sync with your site’s content.

The Final Word

The importance of link exchange in the realm of SEO cannot be discounted. However, you should choose your link building partners carefully. Work with a team of skilled and experienced SEO professionals to receive quality backlinks and perform link exchange the right way.


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