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65% increase in Organic Traffic, 2000 page views per month, and 17k impressions per month. 80% of targeted keywords for travel services are ranking in SERP out of which 40% are ranking on the first page of Google SERP.

About Project

Asthavinayak yatra is a Mumbai-based Asthavinayak iternary service providing a company website for purely Asthavinayak tours across three cities – Pune Mumbai and Nasik. The real utility of Asthvinayak yatra with this company is it is also available By Bus and By Car.

It is available in 1 Night 2 days as well as 2 nights 3 days mode. Besides all very competitive tour packages, this weekend starting tour services are the best in service and cost aspect, too. The company has facilitated yatra starts from Nasik, Pune, as well as Mumbai – based on interested customers, in major quantity from these cities every weekend starting from Friday.


This client is a very professional client from the tours and travel niche. They expect a healthy viewership of their website and work profile by a purely genuine traffic/ target audience looking for their new tour packages or requirements. This requires a good organic search volume and Domain authority in Google search i.e. SERP.

This Client Site needs good exposure for brand awareness and branding. At the same time, the Site has to be useful and reachable to all potential buyers in a proper way of a site in the large volume required. Because The Astavinayak yatra is carried away nowadays by many vendors from Pune and Mumbai and other cities, as well.

The value additional effects are to be captured and highlighted in an SEO way to get the advantage of this weekly market on a large scale. The client always expects a good volume of search for all its location among local market searches too.

SEO Process

We had a joint meeting with our clients and convince them about the Site ranking methods and approaches which will be beneficial in their case.

We decided to work on the basic Keyword research and analysis for all the types of tour packages to all locations.

We did competitor research in-depth in this as well as customer inputs for the market behavioral study out of the stiff competition on famous tour holiday destinations of 2 or 3 days duration.

We classified and work out all Asthavinayak weekend services keywords categories separately.

We study them especially we jotted a plan for the ranking of the keywords for the ‘1 N / 2D’ and ‘2N / 3D’ tour package of this client.

We also explore the Yatra by Car tour option very well. We worked out the ranking strategy for the same with effective guest posting, Blogs and Local business directory submission, local listings, social bookmarking techniques, etc. In some months, we received a very good result of search entries and a lead with the company via this SEO Strategy. It was a challenging SEO task in this project.

We keep on updating our on-page content with all types of Meta tag analysis, internal linking, anchor texting, web content curation, etc. Apart from this, Social platform marketing, Directory registering, etc. These joint or cordial activities for the site brought results with increase search volume.


END Results

Organic Traffic


Page Views


Impression on Pages


Organic Traffic

Asthavinayak Yatra
Google SERP

Asthavinayak Yatra

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