Our SEO Strategy Maximizes Traffic and Visibility for a Software Development Services Provider.

72% increase in Organic Traffic per month, 9148 page views per month, and 12k impressions per month. 80% of targeted keywords for salesforce development are ranking in SERP out of which 60% are ranking on the first page of Google SERP.

About Project

Software Firm is a US and India-based company website for SALESFORCE implementation services as well as specialized in providing cloud-based software services, digital services along with mobile-based solutions for various enterprises.


This is a continuous project with vast things to cover up for the SEO plan and branding of the Company with its Site promotion in the US Market For especially SALESFORCE services as well as in India.

This client is top-notch from the IT Cloud technology, implementation, and services in the niche of SALESFORCE. They expect a healthy viewership of their website by a purely genuine traffic/ target audience of a good company / corporate enterprises for the project requirements on various IT technological platforms. This requires a sophisticated organic search volume and Domain authority in Google search i.e. SERP.

The site expectation on a content level and design level was a real challenge for us. The detailed business market study and technology know-how for all the company product and service offerings was a must. The search page result must be high among all the competitors in the niche. Perfection in the more Google searches will bring business leads for the organization.

SEO Process

We had a joint meeting with our clients and convince them about the Site ranking methods and approaches –which will be benefitted in their case.

We decided to work on the basic technology-SALESFORCE-oriented keyword research and analysis for the priority with the USA market.

We also did competitor research in-depth in this as well as customer inputs for the market behavioral study of the students looking for all sorts of projects requirement with current trends.

We worked out the high-quality backlinks for the site where we followed the outreach method to generate links. Chopping down the real or core funnel of business leads was the real challenge for us, for this project. After implementing the Backlink techniques and intensive keywords focus for all technology preferably Salesforce products and services within some months, we received a very good result of search entries and a lead with the company via this SEO Strategy.

We do a lot of proper topic research for the blog. We delivered high-end Blogging content with undoubted content research and quality delivery. That really raised the SEO ranking of the site.

In our second type of approach, we had done properly on-site page optimization with a proper content strategy and call to action for the site contents and effective SEO ranking of the website.

Additionally, by considering the vast scalability of the Company profile, we integrated SALESFORCE-BASED Core product and Service pagers wisely with utter patience, without disturbing the site flow and purpose.

We made them in line with the required size of information on specific skill sets for convenience.

The Client expectations will be fulfilled only upon receiving high-end SALESFORCE project enquires across both the countries... So, we also done on various domains authorized Sites, forums, workgroups, blog submissions, article submissions on all leading national and international market providing sites, etc. We had done it for some months very effectively to give desired search and inquiry results for the client.

We keep on updating our on-page content with all types of Meta tag analysis, internal linking, anchor texting, web content curation, etc. Apart from this, Social platform marketing, Directory registering, etc. These joint or cordial activities for the site brought results with increase search volume.

END Results

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Organic Traffic

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